4hp effects module to go with dfam

Hey guys. I bought a Moog DFAM recently, but it’s just the module, not the full desktop unit. So I bought a powered case and I ended up getting a deal on a 64hp one. Basically, I have 4hp of additional room, and I was thinking I could add an effects module or something with some simple modulation capabilities or really anything interesting to go with the DFAM. Any of you have any suggestions? I’m finding myself a bit overwhelmed even with the limitations of 4hp. Thanks so much!

Happy Nerding FX Aid is what you’re looking for.


I was about to say the same thing

Milky Way is 6 hp, don’t know if it would fit to your rack. I am satisfied with it, quiet classic FX indeed but the one always needed…

I had my eye on this! I’ll probably pull the trigger. One question - how would I patch the single VCA output on the DFAM into the L/R inputs on the FX Aid?

The fx aid, that is

I would guess that a single patch cable into the L input would be detected as a mono input and/or normalled to the R input. Some of the FX Aid effects are mono and some are stereo.

There’s a casing like the pic, but also a version for dropping in your modular case. I just got mine a few days ago. Sequencing DFAM from OT!? Indeed.



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I wonder how long it takes to get this module to Europe and how much I will be taxed on delivery. Mmmm, must figure that out, will send them a msg on Reverb.

Thank you all. I think I’m going to go with the FX Aid. Do I need anything else? Or can my case just include the DFAM, running the VCA into the FX Aid, and running the FX Aid out directly into my Mackie mixer?

I run euro stuff into my mix8 no problem, using the -20db inputs. Keep in mind the dfam doesn’t have midi so if you want to sync you’ll need something that puts out CV clock. I’ve heard of people using “sampled” clock from something like the octatrack, but never tried it myself.

FX aid can handle mono inputs just fine if you patch into the left input - in fact most of the algorithms are mono to stereo anyway so you’re not missing out by not using the right input. Shouldn’t need anything else really, Eurorack signals are a little hot for some mixers but i think the mackie will be fine as long as the input preamps aren’t cranked up too high.

The only slight thing to watch out for is that sometimes you can overload the input or internally clip if there’s an algorithm with a ton of resonance/feedback, but since you have a dedicated volume knob on the dfam you should be able to dial in the level going into the fx aid perfectly. I’d recommend getting a stackable cable or two to easily mult signals.

Play around with the sample rate reducer. It seems like it would be a 1 trick pony bitcrushing type effect but what it’s actually doing is far more interesting and versatile - it’s my favorite part of fx aid and adds a totally different dimension to each of the algorithms. You’re going to have a ton of fun with this setup.

It you really want to make a step beyond you might look for an Output module, I had Intellijel uJack and now the Befaco output. Both are good but the uJack is easy to find at a reasonable price in 2nd hand market.