5/4 Time signature

Hi everyone,

I’ve watched several tutorials about time signature on Analog Rytm MKII but impossible to find a clear answer.

Here’s the problem :

I want to create a pattern of 4 bars with a 5/4 signature. So I’ve managed to do it in the SCALE function for 2 bars which is (correct me if I’m wrong) 20/32 but impossible to do it for 4 bars which would be 40/64. When I get to less than 42, it goes down to 40/48 I think.

Please help me

Master sequencer INF.
Track length 40. (Or 5,10, 20 or what ever)
Go from there.


The 48 in “40/48” doesn’t reflects anything other than the maximum allowed steps on the given page; it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual timing of the sequence. Just make sure you set the Change parameter to something divisible by 40 and change the Master Scale multiplier all the way to the right if you need to.


@Sam2020 It is 20/16, not 20/32. 20/32 would be two 10/16 bars, which is the same as two 5/8 bars.

Four 5/4 bars would be 80 16th note steps in length. An easy to way to do this would be create 2 patterns, each 40 steps in length, and chain them. Although clock divisions may be another way to do it, but then you would lose 16th note resolution (if that matters to you at all).

Just to make sure: Are you after a 5/4 time signature or quintuplets?


I use 5/4 all the time. Make sure your master scale is either infinite or to 40, and then simply set the steps to 40. (The denominator, i.e. the /48 of 40/48, doesn’t really matter as far as I can tell). Best of luck!


Thanks a lot ! It should work !

You could also set your step length to 60, which would give you 3 bars of 5/4 per pattern.

However, your problem is always going to be that, as your bar length is greater than the page length, bars 2 and 3 don’t start on the first trig of a page. This makes putting your accents in the correct places more of a PITA.