64HP Palette Case finishing suggestions

Calling all Eurorack nerds. I want to scale down my modular to fit inside an Intellijel 64HP Palette case so that I can focus on the modules I really enjoy. Take a look at the setup below and give me suggestions on 1u modules to fill the remaining space (the Guillotine distortion can be removed but I kinda want to push those two Noise Engineering modules through it because…well I guess Blush Response will understand)

I own everything on the 3u row btw and they are the modules I want to keep hold of forever. This case is designed to be an instrument incorporated into a larger setup of synths and grooveboxes and for recording directly into Logic.

Not a very exciting suggestion but here goes:

Thanks, the Milky Way has a master volume control so I thought I could save some space with that as my main volume knob.

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Ah, you’re right. I didn’t spot that the Milky Way can do line level out. Xodes have some useful looking 1U utilities.