800 MB free multilayer bass sounds for MPC and Kontakt

Hi there. Today I have a massive 800 MB free download for you. Its all about multilayer sounds for MPC live/X standalone and NI Kontakt. You get 3 Bass Recreations for MPC and 3 different ones for Kontakt. Each sound is carefully rebuilt with up to 200 samples per sound. You get multiple filter settings (controlled via velocity), so you can really play the filter of my analog beauties. The sounds are created with PRO2, my MODULAR SYSTEM and the Matrixbrute. The download contains more than 900 single samples in up to 4 octaves, so feel free to built your own one shot sounds in OP-Z/OP-1, Octatrack or other samplers.

There is also a short mixing tutorial on HOW TO MIX YOUR LOW END.

If you like to stay updated, subscribe to my youtube channel or facebook page. There are some big samples sets to be released in the next 3-4 weeks. In #1 you will find 150 free drum sounds. They are still online. So Have fun jumping your subwoofers and see you next time. And by the way: If you can make use of the sounds, show me, what you created with it and post it here :slight_smile: