808/909 sound packs for Digitakt

Hi. Is there any reason the “Caught on Tape: 808 + 909” sound pack will not work for the DT since it’s listed exclusively in the OT section? Anyone know of other equally high quality 808/909 sample packs that are DT compatible?

I have it and have used it on my DT. It wont load OT specific data but the samples are .wav.

Goldbaby has really good 808 and 909 samples for sale and it’s this guy who made the samples for the Elektron sound packs.

SuperAnalog808, SuperAnalog909, Tape808 and Tape909 are the obvious libraries to check out.


as said before , if theyre wav ,they should load.
lots around the web , i get a lot from samplesfrommars , good prices and they sometimes do discounts and pre arrange things into kits .

my DT is full of their 808,909,606 and a lot of old drum machine kits.
i’m constantly surprised how much i can dump on it with no issues , apart from me keeping things tidy.

Wave Alchemy is celebrating their summer sale by giving away 50 free Acidlab Miami (analog 808 derivative) Tape samples.

They’re 24bit, 44.1khz .wavs - but Digitakt should be able to convert them properly upon import.


I’ll second Goldbaby. Worth checking out the modular set that includes some 808 style samples, but are made on some nice modular rigs (including an A4 from memory!).

Sorry if this is obvious, but can you load the Digitakt with these samples simply by using the Elektron Transfer program, while the Digitakt is connected to a computer? Is there any sort of recommended format/folder arrangement?

Can anybody share information/experience, re: conversion issues w/sample transfer to the Digitakt, using Elektron Transfer (USB) with Windows PC–do the samples go straight to the +Drive?

This may be interesting to digitakt folks. He has many other sample banks, but I really like his Smackos 808 sample kit. https://awolfe.home.xs4all.nl/software.htm

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I guess you have to install the .alp file into Ableton first, but the samples are there.

So the Straight 808 and Divine 909 sound packs (by Goldbaby) include mono samples, but also kits, scenes, etc., specifically for Elektron gear.

Will these sound packs be made available for the Digitakt? Are they already included among the factory samples? I’m thinking about purchasing the sound packs available directly from Goldbaby, but to be honest, I’d prefer the Elektron-specific packs.

the wavs should work but digitakt doesnt have scenes/kits in that 'other elektron box ’ way.
sounds are possibly the most similar thing , storing filter/amp stuff…

there are much fewer parameters to deal with on digitakt , its pretty quick to just start using a tweak.

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