909 Party

If someone was bringing an original 909 along, what would you use your RYTM for?

If it’s a mk2 it would make a lovely angled stand for the 909.


3/4 dvcos for bassline and pseudo chords, sample playback, maybe run the 909 thru for distortion/compressor, midi sequence the 909 etc


Distortion and compressor.

Few extra hihat sounds.


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Do a shootout, whoever wins keeps the other machine.


Distorted 606 and 808 samples.
And dual vco bleeps and bloops.


Sound effects, samples, percussion, DVCO, lots of effected/modulated performance macro fun… just don’t try to compete with that kick.




I was thinking Bass, analog FM drums, grungy sample playback. Maybe something below the 909 kick? I’m not sure how the midi is set up for a 909, would it make a good 909 midi sequencer for poly rhythms?
My friend has purchased one and said he wants to make techno stuff and that I can come round and play.
Distortion and analog compresser designed for drums sounds good.
I love my rytm too much to lose it in a shootout :laughing:
Its a MK1, the new black mk2’s look too lovely to be used as an angled stand.

Tell your friend that you’re going to be doing the drums. He’ll have to use his 909 for leads and pads.

I prefer the Rytm kicks over 909 anyway :slight_smile:


I’m very excited just to have a go on one. Ha! Pads and leads :slight_smile: which is something the Rytm can do…
I’ve never touched one before, I’ve always wanted to use one…

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:scream: :scream: :scream:
Oh the blasphemy!

Now the ancient gods of Detroit shall cast an evil spell upon your Rytm, and all you kicks shall sound like doorbells, pitched up two octaves.

You may remove the spell by writing 100 time on the blackboard “909 Kicks kick my Rytm Kick’s ass from now and to all eternity Amen!”


I suppose if you really want to cause trouble you could load up some Samples From Mars 909 kicks that have gone through some fantastically expensive outboard and leave your friend wondering why he spent all that money…


to have an excuse, I mean a reason, to buy some fantastically expensive outboard.

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He’s already deeply in love with it and is building a studio, I’m not sure I can change his mind!
Your cynicism cannot dampen my…dampness (sorry).
Thanks for the advice and for making me laugh. Its been a long day.

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depends if you wanted to do techno or something broader. ( controversial ?.. nah)

Do both.
Phil Collins “take me home” + Rytm techno mashup.


Sample the 909 into rytm and discard.
I can dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way if you wanna send it over!

Its a Mk1 so I cant sample into the Rytm, I do have the Mouse from Mars 909 samples loaded into it though…