A big hug

Huge Hug! to everyone here…i feel a bit sad to leave the Elektron-Users forum…because it became a part of my everyday life…like the thought of Ryan…but I’m sure he will be here too…with us.

Big hug again and happyCrazyElektronSoundS

Right back at you Gigi. One thing the world could do with is more hugs :joy:

Definitely appreciate Ryan’s work and efforts creating one of the friendliest forums in music technology.

Thank you Ryan.

Big love.

Ryan is very much a part of Elektronauts. Him and I started sketching on the site together, close to two years ago. A lot has changed since then, but his sensibilities are very much a part of the Elektronauts look and feel!

i echo sicijk’s feelings.
However i’m very much looking forward to see how this forum will developp.