A Digitatk convert looking for a budget setup


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If budget is really your primary concern get a Y cable to sample from your phone/tablet and you’re all set. Even with free apps there’s tons of stuff you can sample into your DT or sequence via Midi (for which you’d have to spend a few quid more to get a USB-Midi cable and possibly an adapter).


I have the micromonsta little brother for sale the audiothingies p6 on eBay, lemond43

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Ohh nice! I’d literally just search Ebay for ‘P6 Syth’ but nothing came up.

Do user search for lemond43 and look at items

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Got it cheers. I won’t ask you what the difference is between the P6 and the newer MM i’ll do some reading up tonight. Are there any Youtube video’s that’ll help me realise it’s potential? I’ve literally only just jumped on audiothingies today so it’s all new to me! Just a couple of days ago I was pretty decided on Volca’s unbeknown such beasts existed!

Loving the black and blue look on this!

It has the blue LEDs, look smarter and easier on the eyes, a fair few you tube vids out there, I just don’t use it as have the virus, so most is done with that.

I’m gonna say get an ipad + small midi controller and a midi box. Nave App + some other stuff.
You will have sampling heaven for Digitakt.

On the other hand if you are in the process of building a studio then Live would be a great starting point as it can do so much more then Digitakt.

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I just had to re-read that 3 times. I though you said you don’t use it as it has a virus at first. :fearful: haha


What controller are people using these days for portable rigs? I’m looking at Arturia Keypad or Beatpad, Roland A-01 as possibilities.

controllers.cc - yer welcome :grin:


110% with with there. Had to get mine on 0% finance over 18months. The £30 monthly repayments are easier to swallow when you have a financially draining family! Hope you have fun with the SP-303 it looks very capable for the price!


Any old Virus still sound amazing.
Can’t go wrong with any of them

last night i had digitakt triggering my ipad apps ,
just usb out to camera connection kit - into the ipad.

8 x midi channels and lots of cc controller on specific apps , (eg filter sweeps on aufx:Space)
running sunrizer into a really nice delay , eq , processing , straight into monitor inputs of digitakt.
things running in sync with usb midi clock.

sometimes i think its all i need…along with a nice little midi designer 2 template thats great for speeding up the writing of stuff (setting default settings for delay , reverb , accurate sample points)

when its done i’ll share it.i dont really know what im doing but it seems alright at the moment.


Anyone using pedals with the Digi? any cheap and handy ones to recommend to research while I wait delivery of the DT.

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I have three pedals but none control the Digitakt, they just add effects over the in and outputs. However, if you looking for control like stop and play the sequence, you might need a MIDI footswitch.

Anyfays, I have an Operation Overlord, Sans Amp Paradriver and a Pignose.:blush:

as someone already mentioned…
get an ipad… as a sample source or controlled via midi you have endless possibilities…
apps are mostly very cheap and you could even use the digitakt for some midi cc controlling.