A Digitatk convert looking for a budget setup

Apologies in advance for the length of this post but i’ve been following the progress of both the Digitakt and the MPC Live since they were both announced and since then there’s been a great deal development and user interest, advice, reviews and more than enough bickering. I’ve read over all 200+ pages on the Live and 70 odd on the Digitakt.

I’m on a very tight budget and after a couple of months of persuading my wife I’ve finally managed to convince her that £969 price for MPC live is money well spend and a good investment. Now here lies my first dilemma. I’ve had my heart and mind set on the Live since it was first announced but since i’ve been given the green light to purchase I’m now doubting my decision and feel my £969 could be invested better with the Digitakt and some other hardware to compliment it.

I’m hoping i can but a device(s) that will enable me to law down predominantly* (I say predominantly as i’m very willing to allow a device to inspire me and take me in new directions that I might have otherwise not ventured into).minimal techno and house tracks and essentially do 90+% of the track production on the device and just tidy it up and add some finishing sprinkled to it in Ableton.

As A DJ i’m also wanting to use the gear to allow me to play live so the device needs to be capable of both live and production. I know the OT is supposedly perfect for this however it’s out of my budget and I think the difficult workflow would stifle my inspiration.

So… all the above being said I think i’m pretty set on the Digitakt and using the spare £369 for additional gear.

What would you suggest?

Volca keys
Another synth
Analog Heat (over budget)
Waldolf 2-pole

Thanks for reading this far and for your patiences. I appreciate your advice in advance

I would personally suggest a Waldorf Blofeld. Fits your budget, highly versatile. Would give you plenty of sample material for your Digitakt. Not Analogue, but there’s no need to be too purist in that respect.

Others will disagree but I can’t recommend the Volcas. They’re a fiddle, only sound ok and are a false economy imo.


a compressor for the Digitakt…
maybe this one: http://www.fmraudio.com/rnla.html

I’m looking for a decent, affordable compressor. Would you actually recommend the RNLA for master buss compression?

How is the OT out of your budget? MK1 models are going for £700-800. I’d definitely consider one as for live use, its incredibly versatile…


To compliment the DT I’d suggest a multitimbral compact like the Blofeld too, it’s so flexible and high on value … only niggle is no DIN out for bi-directional CC assignment ease, but you could pick up an axoloti too in your budget and use that to sort the midi out and have audio mangling fun on top (bit off-topic, outlier interest)

The market for OT MKi devices may be favourable to consider that route, these devices tend to be sturdy and well looked after so it’s a viable option to new if you find a good one

Blofeld’s hard to criticise all things considered and one with the sample support unlocked (maybe less important to a DT user) could be a bonus

I don’t have one tbh but a while ago someone showed me it with MD/A4 and it sounded good. Dunno about master, I personally definitely would, others may have different ideas of fidelity.

Fair point but even second hand that’s still £100-£200 more than the Digitakt and that eats into my budget for other gear. It’d take me much longer to grasp and knowing how I am I’m worried that the learning curve of sub menus and shear possibilities of the thing result in me making/playing less music and speding more time watching Youtube video’s and reading forums trying to fathom it.

Same reason why i’ve never really clicked with Ableton for full in DAW production. When you have the whole world at you feet it can be hard to work out where to start, where to go and where you end up if that makes sense?

Heard of that. I’ll check it out cheers!


Personally I would go with the live, as does everything you will need it to do, don’t get me wrong I would rather lose a foot and my mpc live than my digitakt, but for what you said you require then the mpc live would be more than ample for your needs, I brought it on a whim ( spent 3 weeks disagreeing with the Mrs ) as more important things to spend money on, like a garden fence! Yeah right. But due to the portability and all in one package it is great value IMHO! Sorry to throw a spanner in the works. What ever you decide you will be more than happy.

I’d just get the Digitakt for now, take the wife out for a nice meal and bank the rest.


Haha can relate to you there! Hopefully as you say I won’t regret whichever one I go for.

If i’m honest the price hike for £799 to £969 was a big turn off plus AKAI’s lack of any kind of response to the issues people are having with the beta version of 2.0 and seeming lack of credible techno or house producers getting behind it.It all gives me an uncomfortable feeling if you get me? On the other hand everything I look into about the DIigitakt gives me positive vibes.

I’m with you on m that, I don’t use the software just stand alone unit, so not had any issues with it, but yeah I will help you make your mind up ( even if it is a contradiction on my last post) GET THE DIGITAKT, go go go!


Another vote for a Blofeld here. They can be had pretty cheap brand new (350 euro at Bax) and give you a lot of milage. From pads to drums and leads, it can do it all and sound amazing doing it.

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nobodies said it yet so i’ll chime in with the micromonsta, versatile little synth and would leave you some (not much) change for a pedal


While I agree, the encoders on the blofeld :-1:

Just the Digitakt. Get to know that first, and then feel what’s missing. Might be that you’re good with just the Digi.


It’s good reflex to search the existing threads to find answers :wink:


I’ve never had a problem with them. They were improved with later models of the synth.

Thanks! The Micromonsta looks to be the perfect synth for me. Small & compact and an absolute beast! I’ve got the Digi on Pre-Order and may take the hit with the MM also. Is it easy to hook up so they both play nicely?