A frame stand? (Best stand options for my setup?)

So I’m moving to a new place and I’m finally going to be able to set everything up in a more normal way, at the moment I have all my gear kind of crammed in a corner, a lot of it is on a really shitty desk, I’ve got my monitors right next to each other and my screen on top of those it’s all really uncomfortable, here’s a semi-recent pic:

The only difference now is I have a virus TI polar instead of the Waldorf iridium.

So I’m seeing people that have A-frame style frames that have a lot of Elektron gear and what I like about it is they have a spot for each instrument but all the A-frame stands I’ve seen only have arms to hold one instrument per tier.
I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for what I can use for my next set up.
For gear I have: Octatrack, Machinedrum UW, Analog RYTM, Analog four, Digitone, Korg minilouge XD, DSI Pro 2, Moog grandmother, Virus TI polar, Novation Ultranova, 9U eurorack, Twisted electrons acid 8 and some other odds and ends.
And a MacBook Pro plus a 42in screen and a pair of studio monitors.
Ideally I would have a small-ish desk for the screen, computer, studio monitors, midi controllers, mouse and keyboard etc and I was thinking if I can find the right stands I could do maybe 2 A frame style stands and put all my hardware on those, one or two teirs would have all the Elektrons then a couple synths on the next one etc. I’ve seen a lot of set ups where people do that and it looks like a great way to work, I’ll see if I can find a pic to demonstrate what I mean and attach it.

If 2 A frames and a small desk isn’t good, what suggestions do you guys have that could be better, or if it is good where do I find the A frame stands that have all the extra arms so I can put several pieces of gear on one tier? I’ve even seen some that have rack mount ears on one of tiers but I’m not sure which one has those options.
I haven’t shopped for a proper stand in years I’ve just always had my set up on one or two desks with pieces of foam or boxes under the gear to angle it or have it higher than something else but it’s never been a clean and comfortable set up so that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish. Any and all suggestions would be welcome.

This is (sort of) what I’m talking about where this person has multiple drum machines or synths on one tier and even has an attachment for rack mount stuff but every stand I see only has two arms per tier so it can only hold one thing.

They sell additional brackets separately. So long as the weight isn’t an issue, and with just drum machine and groove boxes, it probably won’t be, you just add two additional brackets for each instrument you want to add to a tier.

In fact you can also buy whole additional tiers if you’d like, and do it that way too.

My A-frame stand originally came with just two tiers, and with additional hardware I made it a 5-tier. And since I had a narrow space I actually cut the support bars down with a hack saw to fit my space.

Point is, they’re very customizable.


Perfect! Any recommendations for brands or places to buy then?

Jaspers is the brand and you can get them from thomanns (shipping is reasonable no matter where you are located).


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