A little darker perhaps... morphagene/abyss/ajh/drm-1

Been trying to get the setup right… right now everything going into a little Mackie fx12 mixer and from then into apollo… with the exception of a little space echo from the H9 on the bassline (and sending the clap from the DRM there too)… recorded the master outs, no post effects or mixing…



Atmospheric…I like it. How are you finding the Abyss? I’m intrigued by it but as yet haven’t heard anything from it that sounds better that my Nyx. For the price and specs was expecting to be blown away but still looking out for that demo :slight_smile:

The Abyss is very musical and quite quirky… i like quirky. It has a wide sweetspot but think where it suffers, is trying to place it in a mix - it can get quite muddy quite easily. That said, its awesome for atmospheric sounds…

I’ve only had it for 24 hours so I have yet to try it in multi timbral fashion (where you can play with each of the voices’ envelope - quite cool on paper).

I think the fx are genius as although not groundbreaking really help put something together that feels like its more than just the sum of its parts.

I havent heard the Nyx so wouldnt know, I just picked it up to see if it can replace my OB-6 or Perfourmer - so far the answer is no :+1::grinning: but it deserves more time, its very unique!

Really enjoying this. The suggestion at the top of my list is length. I know when we record live and are really feeling something we’ve created the tendency is to let the beat ride. But really, this could be much shorter and much more effective. Deconstruct it down to its best moments. Where the energy changes.

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Thanks :+1: Yes totally agree with you. I have a tendency to let things roll and then modulate and wiggle. I should chop it up and mix it up for sure.

The problem is I am super lazy. For this specific track, it was all sequenced in 1 pattern on the MD and recorded master outs (one take) and was wiggling in the process… i should focus on more patterns etc for sure.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated :pray:

*** Edit: i got better - when I used to smoke Js before, I could literally play 1 pattern for days *** hahaha


I feel you on the baked jam sessions man, haha.

I love jamming live, but I tend to record parts/loops/phrases and arrange in my DAW mostly. Not that I don’t do things live, just not all live. I get too trancey even sober and let things go on for ever.

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Nice. What about the Morphagene? Worth the £500 upgrade from the Phono?

Honestly yes. I think the SD is a Godsend and its not a £500 upgrade because you’d sell the PG so more like £150-200. Its much more intuitive (to me at least) and being able to sample for over 2mins makes it infinitely more useful.

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Did you sell your Phonogene? I haven’t even looked but I just imagine there to be millions up for sale right now

I have it on eBay up for sale for £325… i think there was only one other one up there too

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Oh yeah, mine’s a silver one becaus it didn’t come from a shared system so you’ll probably get a little more for yours. Though mine will have a box! Hope you get it sold.

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Thanks dude, I think more or less they should trade at the same price irrespective of colour… I am also shipping mine with a box (from the MG)