A quick sample mangling experiment with the OT

This is a little track I’ve been making for the Disquiet Junto group disquiet.com/2017/01/26/junto-0265/

It’s all made manually sampling stuff directly with the OT (using a Zoom H5 as mic) and the result was then recorded as “live” take, without any additional effects of processing.
It’s just something I did in a couple of hours yesterday evening, and the 8 tracks are a bit of a (mostly positive) limitation but I think it turned out nice so here we go…
It also was a great exercise to learn some new trick with the OT and see what I could do with it, without using any other gear and without resorting to existing samples or loops.

More info about what I did below. But first, here’s the track:

The track only uses objects found inside a drawer in my kitchen (as the Junto assignment required).
I took the Zoom H5, fed its line out into the inputs of my OT and manually sampled some of these objects. Then I started to manipulate and arrange them. Some sounds I kept almost untouched, just played with envelopes and LFOs on the volume and maybe added a bit of filtering (eg. some rattling sounds made with a bottle opener). Other sounds I manipulated more heavily. I used a tiny, pitched-down fraction of a chimey sound, made with a pizza-cutter wheel, to make a bassline o sorts. I recorded some wooden hits using bamboo cutlery, then turned these into reverberating timpani-like bass drums.
Other things I did: randomize sample-play position via s&h LFOs, add a inv. exp LFO on a copy of the bassline to create this pulsating rhythm, played with filters and high resonance on some samples.
I worked with the arrangement mode to organize the various patterns and define durations, I set up some scenes to modulate the various fx and fade some tracks in and out. After playing it a couple of times I recorded he result in one take from the OT to a computer.

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well done sir
do you remember how you got the second occuring sound?
this kind of kkrrrukrurrrr thing? like it
interesting stuff overall

interesting stuff overall


do you remember how you got the second occuring sound?
this kind of kkrrrukrurrrr thing? like it

I this that might be the pitched-down sound of a small dessert fork passing over a metal strainer. The funny thing is that it sounds like I have added a lot of reverb, while in fact most of it comes from the pitching the sound 4 octaves lower (or maybe even more).