A super simple 61 keys keyboard controller with MIDI DIN OUT?


Anyone could point out a 61 keys MIDI controller, super simple (Mod wheel + PB + 2 or 3 controls should be enough), but with a separate MIDI DIN OUT port ?

I just received my M-Audio keystation 61 which perfect for its size and simpleness, but surprisingly, the MIDI OUT cannot be used as a separate output from a DAW.

I also got the Roland A 49 which is perfect (except it resets to channel 1 on power on) but looking for a 61 key version.

The only keyboard I found on the web is the Samson Carbon 61. Any experience with it ? Can it act as a MIDI DIN OUT interface ?

Thanks for the help !

Roland A800 Pro?

What do you mean with ‘seperate output from DAW?’ Output midi from a DAW over usb through the din midi out?

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I’ve got two A-800 pro somewhere in the wild, they fit the bill, but too many things on it ( pads, knobs, fader).

My M-Audio Keystation 49 can do that and it seems the 61 keys model can do that as well.
The keys can be used to configure some functions (IIRC you have to press the ‘advanced button’ and then press a key which executes the secondary function) and the 61 keys model has “midi out” printed as secondary function.

I had the support on the phone today and the guy old me it’s not possible…which surprises me indeed.

Check the pdf manual. Judging from pics it looks the 61 keys model can indeed do it.

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Yes indeed, that’s what made me assume that it’s possible. Using it to output only MIDI from the played keyboard is a stupid limitation.
I couldn’t figure out how to set it up. The support gut said it was not a possibility so I gave up. But I don’t get why a port name “keystation61 MK3 USBMIDI” appears in Ableton Live then…

I’ll go further in testing. After all, the support guy could be wrong… (HORRIBLE support by the way…of do you even post a technical request online without a “support code” ? and how do you get these support codes ??)

I checked the manual;

By default (when you switch the unit on), all controller data is sent out via the MIDI output as well as the USB out. If you want the MIDI output to act like a traditional USB-to-MIDI interface, engage “MIDI Out” mode by carrying out the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. Press the Advanced button to engage Edit Mode. Press the black key representing “MIDI OUT.” Edit Mode will disengage. The keyboard is now able to send data received from the computer via its MIDI OUT jack to whatever device is connected. In order to use the MIDI output, select the Keystation USB MIDI Out as the MIDI output device in your sequencer.

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(for some reason my previous post appears before, but I posted it as a reply. Weird.)

This is simply not working. So frustrating. But yeah, “The keyboard is now able to send data received from the computer via its MIDI OUT jack” clearly states that it should do it.

The advanced “MIDI” black key allows to toggle between two behaviors :

  1. (green lights) ; the keyboard acts like a MIDI controller to DIN OUT only. The computer receives nothing.
  2. (red lights) : it sends notes to the USB port. The “direct” DIN OUT is deactivated. Ableton is able to send notes out to the “Keystation MK3 ((USB MIDI))” port, but it goes nowhere.

And by the way, you have to hit ENTER after selcting the MIDI mode, and this is written nowhere in the manual.

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Anyone with a M-Audio keystation MK3 would care trying ?

End of story. M-audio answered. Despite of what’s stated in the manual, it’s not possible.
Goodbye M-Audio, I’ll never use any of your products again.