A4 & A-Rytm Psytrance

Hello !
I finished now my first Analog-Rytm and Analog-4 Song.
Greetings from Austria


That was really nice!

Could you tell me how you were able to automate the patterns like that? How many patterns did you use for those songs? It sounds like there’s a lot of transitions going on that you couldn’t cover with several patterns.

Hello ! Sorry about my English , its not so good.
Each Part of the Song is an own Pattern which I program in Chains in the Song Mode on the A4 and AR at once.
So when the A4 is playing Chain 1 ; the AR also plays Chain 1.
So its easy to behold the overview of the Song.
For this Song I used 43 Patterns in The A4.
For my newest Song there are much more. ( 62)
Here the second Song :

Thanks for that…I wanted to get an idea of how many patterns were used in a proper song with lots of changes and transitions. A lot of the youtube videos usually just have someone fiddling around with one or two patterns, which I don’t think is sufficient for a proper song.

Don’t worry about your english, it’s fine, ich bin amerikaner aber mein englische ist schlechte auch XD