A4/AK Patch library?

So is there one? If not why not?

Would anyone be interested in a site like this? An online repository of A4/AK patches for download.

Not that I am aware of.

Who knows why not.

I guess I could host that, if you don’t want the hassle?

Sent you a PM.

yay to this - how would be added to / maintained / categorised

I can help if need be - hosting / coding et cetera

Maybe a simple Wordpress or CMS style thing with users / file management

Its definitely a good idea. One idea I had was that everyone who contributes a patch gets to DL the whole patch bank at once but if you don’t you will have to DL each patch separately. Thus encouraging people to contribute patches one hopes.

you guys aware of the CSP …community sound patches in this forum?

Linkage please? :slight_smile:



keyword analog 4, scroll down a bit …

That’s cool but what would be cooler was a categorised and rated sort of repository thing… hmm