A4 all parameter locks gone?

Hi guys.

I’ve searched but I’m not exactly sure what I should be searching?

Basically I just fooled around behind the desk installing some new pres and I now have the A4 transmuting over the 4 channel outs. Working well but… it seems all my parameter locks have been removed like my fx and stuff?
Have I pressed a combo unwittingly not knowing it would clear the parameters or what? Is there a way I can get them all back or do I have to start from scratch?

Really hope someone can shed some light on this and also if it needs to be moved I’m all for it?

Thanks in advance.

You won’t get any FX if you’re using the individual outs, those only work over the main LR outputs.



You can send the sounds both on individual outs (no FX) and main outs (with FX).
But FX are being sent each track.

I don’t know if I’m explaining myself adequately? I think I mistakenly have said “fx” when I’m talking about trig conditions and parameter locks, like for example on trigs 1 & 9 I have sharpened the attack on the amp page as well as reduced the frequency and resonance on the filter page. These parameter changes don’t seem to be coming out the individual outs? Fair enough fx I can live with that, but tons of my conditioning seems seems to be exempt from individual outs also? Am I missing something? If this is so (I hope it’s not) then is it possible to have the main left and right channels play 1 track each with all the edited parameter/trig conditions then just make do with the other two raw tracks?

Apologies for inaccurate description.

Thanks in advance.

Oh. Yes, the resulting effect of parameter locks should be heard in individual outs.

describe a very simple way that you observe this

New Pattern, new Kit

Track 1 - adjust parameters XYZ (no fx send, no pan stuff)

sounds fine on main outs

Individual Out Track 1 now sounds different ? ! How different

There’s no reason why it should be different if you have all the right cables in place

It’s possible you have done something to your original pattern and the data is lost, but in order to solve this issue you should propose steps to replicate - i.e. there’s no need to resort to this …

So I added some new condition and parameter locks and they are indeed flowing from the individual outs. However somehow I have lost all the parameter locks on the track for example… filter,amp,envelope,Lfo? All that remains is the notes and their lengths?

Got me baffled? I’m lucky in the sense that it’s my first track working with the A4 so I’m not to upset about it. I sure would like to know how it happened though so as to not have it happen again.

On a side note someone pointed out a key press combo on the octatrack which illuminated everything that had parameters altered, is there an equivalent on the A4? AR and DN for that matter?