A4 Amp Env sometimes has no effect

Quite often I get stumped by the amp env having no effect.
I thought I’d figured it out, as a long release can cut off the attack settings of the next note. I’ve owned it for ages n experimented with every setting I can think of but it still gets me every so often. is there something obvious I’m missing?
thanks gais :slight_smile:

don’t you have slides ?

no slide trigs on these patches. I tend to have legato on. seems to happen in both mono and poly modes.

Could you elaborate ?
Can it be related to dotted envelopes ?

Ive tried all envelopes. i tend to keep em on the 1st standard undotted envelope as i mostly use my A4 as a Pads / strings machine, but ive tried em all and no change.

i dunno how to elaborate much more, ive pretty much experimented with every setting. it happens with certain patches / sounds. must be something else is affecting it and overriding is somewhat but i cant figure out what.
i’ll give it another go when i get home and reverse engineer some patches again.

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Remember that the undotted envelopes do not re-trigger at the “attack” phase on every keypress.

If you have a particularly long attack, but don’t have a sufficiently long gate (that is, if you don’t hold the note for a long enough period of time), the note may not reach a high enough amplitude for you to hear.

Conversely, you can hold notes so long that they enter the release phase and the envelope re-starts at the (long) attack phase.


my problem is mostly when wanting a long attack but no matter how long or short I make it, it will always have a short attack when a note is pressed, triggered.

also, when wanting a long release the release will stay short regardless of its setting.

send an example patch and we could have a look.

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i also want to know whats going on

send a short config-note