A4 case warped

Hi guys, I’ve just noticed that my A4 has become slightly warped. As in it rocks on a flat surface. I just assumed for a while that the table was a bit bent, or a cable was just under the back of the case, but I moved the Rytm to that spot last night and it sits perfectly. All the rubber feet are in place and in good condition.

Has anyone else seen this happen?

Yeah, my A4 did it out of the box. Never really worried about it. Just assumed it was built on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon.


This stuff is good at sorting that out.

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Sticky felt pads in the bottom of gear can help sort out wobbles as well. Can be bought very cheaply.

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It’s not uncommon, I believe the proper ‘solution’ which is exactly what would happen if you returned it is a gentle pressure applied carefully to the chassis diagonally holding the two corners which lift (so these corners are free, so against a table edge e.g.)

this is a hand assembled metal box which can be subject to all manner of processes which will leave it twisted a bit (my AR is like this, with a tiny piece of tape of one foot) … when I make the time I will tease it back into shape myself because that is infinitely preferable to riskily sending it back for someone else to do the same

as ever, check with support if you are concerned or need guidance … perhaps not best to try if you’re not delicate or confident with your touch


yes, that’s something that can happen and what avantronica suggests should help you fix the unevenness of the enclosure. in the end is a metal box which is, as per anything, subject to the various agents of the outside world :open_mouth: :grin:

Have you thought of using some wood/metal end cheeks? There’s even dual/triple stands for Electron gear on eBay.

In a rack or with end cheeks the base will be off the floor so to speak so a slightly warped base wont be noticeable.

Not only do they look cool in these racks/stands but its more ergonomic when standing or sitting as you can access all the controls and screen better.

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Thanks for the comments guys. All good.

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