A4 CV Envelope > Gate?

I’m seeking to better understand the advantage or disadvantage of using A4’s CV envelope (Linear Value), with it’s “Gate Length” parameter in lieu of the Gate signal option.

Currently I have a CV envelope hooked put to a Mother 32, in the VCA CV in jack. Voltage range is set from -5v to +5v
Gate Length parameter on that CV is set to full on.

It’s giving me the modulation I want, and it appears that I don’t need to use a GATE signal to open the M32 VCA, using this method. Am I wrong in assuming this? If so, what am I losing by not using a GATE signal?

Just trying to get the most out of these 4CV outs.


Nothing to lose, everything to gain (at the price of more easily recorded gate length capture) - it allows you to do all sorts of stuff

gate is gate

but a value_lin ‘gate’ can be all sorts with the LFO env velocity etc … lots to modulate

lots of good envelope shapes to play with too

i’d just set that to 0>5v btw if you only intend to use it for gating


I intend to use it for VCA modulation, but was under the impression that I would also need a dedicated gate signal.

With 0v it seemed to leave the gate open. I’ll have to experiment more.

Now I get the impression that a dedicated gate signal’s advantage is to also trigger the onboard envelope for the filter. Though that could easily be generated and multiplied from other signals with some low-cost utility modules

Gates are new to me. My previous CV experience was all triggers. It’s fascinating, though.
Ideally I want to use A4’s four CVs for pitch, EG, and a pair of LFOs.

Also, the M32 is just a loaner. The winter plan is for a small Atlantis system.

Yep, all true, that’s what I think makes the CV side of the A4 so special, the complete flexibility to do it whichever way you like … and like you mentioned, you can do all sorts with mults/etc

there’s a lot of random fun to be had if you explore the ability to source your pitch or gate from any tracks (not necessarily the same one btw) and coupled with polyrhytms/TRCs it’s probably impossible to pre-empt the outcome :wink:


Not familiar with M32 but could be that the VCA is bi-polar which would explain why at 0v it is partially open. Try sending fast Square LFO into it for some bit crushing type stuff. VCA does not care what is modulating it, as long as it falls within its voltage range.
Yes generally gates are used to hit envelopes which in a traditional synth architecture open the VCA, although some envelopes are happy with just a trigger (typically AR/AD type), the difference between a trigger and gate is length, a trigger is typically high in the millisecond range (5-15) whereas a gate is high for the duration of an event (keypress, sequencer step etc)

Sorry if all of this is obvious!

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And a +1 to @avantronica comments about the A4 CV extremely flexible and fun, I only wish it had a couple more CV output pairs.


This is incredibly helpful.
Thank you!


Also using a A4 Env -> lin val to open the VCA of my modemix. No need for a gate signal.
And yes the A4 cv´s are sooo flexible. Try to modulate the tune parameter for cv pitch and play with the fade parameter on the lfo page… PFFFF!!! :smiley:
You can also use blend and slide parameter to modulate the pitch per trig.
Or send lin val on cv c to the filter and modulate it with another env and / or lfo.