A4 External Audio FIltering in Stereo?


Can the Analog 4 filter a stereo external audio input or does it only do 2 monos? So like, can you use one cut off to control them both?

I guess this might be possible using the performance macros, anyone done this?

The filter is after oscillators so it will work on both left and right inputs.

yes, but at the expense of two tracks of course … one pulling in the left, one the right

you could blow four tracks on it too by using neighbour oscillators* and get wild :wink:

* 1 L, 2 n, 3 R, 4 n

Yes, if you want stereo you will need to use 2 trax, each panned hard left and right. The problem you have 2 seperate filters to adjust.
To get around this, assign both cutoffs, resonance etc to macros and this gives you control over both filters via 1 knob.
This is where you need Analog Heat, does all this for you and much more :thup:


Thanks, great reply!

Analog heat is a lot of money to spend if I can use the analog 4 to do this now no?

Looking forward to trying it out.

It’s the sort of thing you’re more likely to play around with when you’re recording and multitracking, rather than making something you can play live, but yeah it’s cool to have those kind of options. Common Elektron theme/philosophy I guess, you have a certain number of tracks and it’s up to you at any given moment to decide if you want X voices / Y effects / Z external audio / 1 voice in poly mode / etc. etc.

There is actually advantages of using A4 over Analog Heat in this dual mono setup. You have independant filtering for both left and right channels so applying seperate modulation to each channel can give really cool stereo filtering effects. Analog Heat can only be used as a single stereo filter.