A4 future updates and compatibility prospects with Mk1

hey, if a new update comes out for the A4, do we have to worry that it might only or partially only run on the mk2?

I’m considering buying an A4 and I don’t see any major differences between the new and the old. apparently only the form factor has changed, inputs and outputs and the distortion, that’s it?

hasn’t been a prob so far, so doubt it will be going forward either.

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Other differences with MkII include a much better screen which I appreciate.
Edited to be accurate: Importantly, Overbridge runs on both the A4 MkI and II machines!


Mk2 have 2x Exp/CV inputs as well as the already mentioned differences. Quite handy if you will use them.


Here in the forum someone wrote: A4 MK2 has revised analog circuits deliver very deep and defined bass.

Does that mean the OSCs are also different on the MK2? Because if that’s the case, then it must be the MK2 for me. I could live with the distortion.

The thing is, I could buy an eventide space plus an A4 1 for the same value as the A4 2. that’s a hammer. I like the form factor of the A4 Mk2 much better. but if the sound is really the same except for the distortion, then better space and A4 1.

Mk1 can do this too.

I believe the oscillators are largely identical, there was a few tweaks to the filter, but I never heard any stark differences between mk1 and mk2 posted - there may be some, but I never heard them.

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I think it will be the MK2, here in this video you can already see the differences:

The filter overdrive topography is possibly reversed, so you cannot do direct A/B comparisons

I have both, I definitely prefer the driven nature of the filter/drive revision on mk2, but I also like the Mk1 - so it’s one of those keep both scenarios, the A4 is a SwissKnife anyway, so utilitarian and reliable

The Mk1 will probably get every easy mod (if any incoming) - but there will be many it won’t (if any) - especially workflow synergies with DIGIs - there’s no need for them to sink time developing and testing such niceties on Mk1 imho, but there would be benefit in them keeping the save file structure compatible, so the feature set will evolve (which it probably won’t) - so really I think the Mk1 is quite feature complete - but if there’s a bit of added sound flexibility introduced I’d expect them to aim to support both still.

This can’t go on forever, but whilst it can and it makes sense I think it’s reasonable to expect some synergy

WRT the sound difference, it’s supposedly worthwhile trying to compare the bipolar drive behaviours in opposite directions on the two devices - so you cannot compare like for like potentially when using a midi cable between both. It’s identical in the Oscillator front, with perhaps a nicer presentation through the slightly tweaked output stage brought in for the AK. Otherwise no difference, and it’s a subjective thing, in some ways the A4 Mk1 may present a sound more to your liking despite the added Mk2 polish. Tonnes of threads on the differences. The OSs are still refreshed together, so there’s no sign yet that has changed, but it will probably happen - especially on OB bandwidth related issues as the Mk1s cannot be optimised in line with the improvements available with the flexibility offered with the higher bandwidth on the Mk2s

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update features tied to the mk2’s hardware additions are not possible, of course (screen ui, perf knob, cv in, usb bandwidth for audio streaming via coreaudio/OB) but all other features should be possible on both, no?

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…they day will come, when i add a 2nd hand mk2 to my beloved 8 years in mk1…

i run the latest firmware and to be honest, i don’t see any real need for any further updates…

sure there are always people who ask for more…but there are also always people who sell their a4’s only because they never realized what a magic machine it is…

if there ever will be another firmware update, i’m pretty confident, it will continue to suit both versions…

and if ur into an a4 right now, the mk1 is nothing but a best bang for each single buck…
5 to 6 hundred bux is a real steal for such an advanced and unique truu analog modular in da box united club of four individual mono synth voices in total shapeshifter realtime fashion…


most sound related aspects, for sure, and maybe it’s not too difficult to port stuff, but there will be a time i’d think where they can’t sustain developing for both - that’s probably more my pessimism than their tendency, so you’re probably right there, but probably best to not bank on it being a given

there’s definitely an incentive for them to support the Mk1s so it’ll be good until we hear different - and it’s debatable in any case what scope there even is for substantial change in the sound engine side - it’s an older device now in the grand scheme of things

A4 Mk1 was my first born :3lektron: , bought it with Cenk right there in the store he previously worked at having answered all my probing questions to my satisfaction. Then it all kinda escalated. But the A4, Mk1 in particular, represents a sweet spot of the total package factoring in my specific needs.


I got my AK for $600. Pretty crazy but thanks, used market.

…ooof…someone must have been super desperate or super clueless to offer such a deal…

while i think, the keys version of the dtone makes more sense in and for itself than the analog keys…but an a4 is an a4 and apart from the usual suspects, their old classics, simply the best swedish instrument out there, errr, apart from a ot, of course…but that’s a totally different kind of beast…

oh, right now, i would have one last whish for an a4 update…some pick and stick to scales option like the syntakt…but let’s be real, a4 is so much more than meats the eye since ages already…they delivered big time and can let it go from here to eternity just the way it is…

and hey, crazy 2nd hand market…i want a black a4mk2 for 500 bux please…

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And I’ll throw in that it’s amazingly solid for such a complex digital device. It just works.

I genuinely don’t believe that there’s ever gonna be an A4 mk3. Just mk2 for the next 10+ years until it becomes a legacy product. Not that it answers your question, but any answers to your question would be entirely speculative anyway.

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you just hope that when elektron celebrates its tenth anniversary, it won’t be like that, that it will be an mk3. because now i got the mk2 and sacrificed a lot for it.

Mk2 has class complience - so it works better as an interface for phones, tablets and computers.


Am I missing something? AFAIK Overbridge works perfectly fine with the A4mki but I might be wrong as I’ve never tried mine to record into a DAW.

Maybe you mean Overdrive?? Yes, the overdrive sounds different on Mki VS Mkii.

Hi. You may be correct but I think I only came in with the MkII. There’s a bit of blurb at the bottom of Elektron’s Overbridge page to support this: Overbridge | Elektron

Screenshot taken right now from Elektron Overbridge download page.
It seems the three MKI Analogs (Four / Rytm / Heat) are supported by Overbridge.
That’s a really nice move from Elektron. They don’t stop supporting older machines.

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