A4 inAB Thru not working as expected


Got the Octattrack yesterday :smiley: Super stoked!

Got the A4 in input AB. Hooked up by the book.

Thru on track7 and trigger on step one. So I can hear the A4 but it’s clipping a little bit although the volume is low and the gain in the mixer is set to middle (0), the volume on the A4 is set at a little more then half.

Also on track 1 I got a hihat going on each beat and when turning track 1 volume in the amp page, track 7 with A4 get a wierd pitch shift/bend …

I have no idea what Im doing wrong! :zonked:

mm im guessing you have OT midi out to A4? double check your settings, the OT controllers probably sending midi data to the A4 causing the pitch change. that has happened to me but i got rid of the a4… try a compressor on the thru track. it should give a good boost

Can’t speak to the A4 stuff since I don’t have one, but here’s what I’m using for Thru machine and it works pretty well: MIXER - Main 0, DIR 0, Gain +32; Thru - Vol 63.

Sorry, but you can’t deliver a GAIN setting advice …since almost depends on the level of the fed signal…so, impossible to determine a default.
Answering the OPener:
check also if you’r sending PRG CHANGE from OT to A4 and if the A4 is accepting them.
sometime using AUTO as PRG CHG channel causes the OT to shift the OSC1 pitch on the active track on A4.
so if you use PRG CHANGE use a dedicated channel.
Another thing to check is that ENCODERS of OT do not send CC, so check under MIDI config. they should be set to INT only

Sorry, but you can’t deliver a GAIN setting advice …since almost depends on the level of the fed signal…so, impossible to determine a default.[/quote]
You’re right of course, it does depend on the level of the signal that is fed into the OT. The fact that the Gain parameter can be used to boost the signal is still valid. I meant to say “works pretty well for me”. YMMV. Anyway, hope the OP gets it sorted.

Alright working now. Thanks for your advice!!

But now I have noticed a new problem…

I thought the trigger keys of my A4 had gone bad since I had to press them more then once to trig them on or off (happens 1/5 times). But it does not act like that when the OT is off or midi is not connected. I’m confused whats going on? :frowning:

I don’t have an Analog Four, so I don’t have an answer for you, but it sounds a little bit like the AF bug that was discussed here:

Hey man. I have the same problem with deleting triggers on the A4. So do a lot of other people. I asked elektron about this and haven’t gotten a reply yet. You’re not alone.

Yes Peter this is a point to observe…also i remember another thread where this issue was specifically enlightened…

Anyway, it looks like it is caused by Midi Clock slaving the A4

Do you have MIDI IN + OUT connected between the A4 and OT. If so don’t unless you are absolutely sure you know what’s going on, this setup causes all sorts of havoc. OT has some funny defaults when it comes to midi note sending. Chose one as a “Master” and put the MIDI out from that in to the other then you should be good.