A4 Keyboard In -> Midi Out on CV Track

Hi Folks!

I use my Moog Grandmother (Midi In channel 5, Midi Out 9) keyboard to control my A4 (Auto Channel 9, CV Track 5, and I use my A4 to send back Midi to my Grandmother on the CV Track with local off. I only have a problem: when I play the Keyboard on auto channel on the CV track it doesn’t trig the Moog, but it rec trigs when I’m in live rec mode (and the A4 mini keyboard do trig the Moog too!).
Does anyone know why and what to do about it?


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it’s a bug / omission

wait …

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on second thoughts, waiting may be in vain … Analog Four/Keys OS 1.40: bug reports

I noticed this too. This would be great to have fixed. This essentially gives us an extra midi sequencer channel on top of the current 4 synth tracks.

I am planning on hooking it up to a newly purchased DSI Tetra. This way I can run analog chords on the CV track and still have 4 mono synths too. I can also run the output back into the EXT IN and use the effects on it.

This is a pretty powerful and compact upgrade option for an A4.

@Elektron, is it possible make the keyboard send midi notes in real time for this?

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