A4 LFO + Prophet 6, awesome technique

I’ve been trying to get some crazy modulation on my Prophet 6 filter and the P6 by default has a pretty generic LFO. It’s free running and you can sync it to tempo. Although there’s no way to make it restart a cycle when you hit a key. Maybe this is something it only makes sense for a mono-synth to do - I know my sub-phatty had a setting for this.

At first I was trying to send midi CC’s from Reason. It’s pretty simple to program with some Reason modules, but the midi-resolution with a slow sweep left much to be desired.

After a little googling I found out that the pedal-LP input on the P6 accepts a 0-5v signal. Ah-ha, que A4. LFO -> CV output. Now I can get crazy like I wanted to. Trig-lock different speeds of LFO. Adjust my start-phase. Basically have the most advanced LFO I could imagine for my P6-VCO-monster. Life is good!


I have an AK + P6. What pedal are you using to do this?

No pedal. Just an insert/breakout cable to grab the CV signal from the A4 A/B or C/D output. You need to adjust the settings of the CV output you’re going to use so the min:0v and max:+5v. Also save your kit so it doesn’t default back to some value that might harm the P6 when you turn the A4 back on.

It’s a bit of advanced technique if you’ve never experimented with the CV out’s of your A4. You need the insert-adapter because the output of the A4 sends two signals from one jack (one on the tip, one on the ring.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

EDIT: I got my information from this thread/post https://www.gearslutz.com/board/11562611-post2.html