A4 LFO triangular / Sine


Silly question :

Do you know the proper LFO delay setting to have the maximum amplitude of the LFO at the beginning of the cycle?

For example for a cycle of 4 beat.

Thank you

Phase 32 is 90deg iirc

There‘s no lfo delay setting, is it?
You could use the phase control, I‘d assume if you dial in the phase at half, the lfo wave starts high.

Shouldn’t it be a quarter (=90 degrees) at least for sines?

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Damn, your right! Ofc you need to shift the phase 90 degrees (sine and triangle)^^

Yes I meant, Phase instead of Delay.
So, 32 or half ? :blush:

1/4 should give you 90 degrees phase offset.
IIRC it’s not made clear in the manual, but you can test this; just route lfo to pitch, dial in the phase offset and listen. You one shot mode and a slow lfo rate.

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