A4 Live recording mode "replacing" prior triggers

I have an issue with live recording mode on the A4 that seems like something that should be able to be worked around, hoping someone can help me out :smiley:

When I’m in live recording mode I can record trigs exactly as I want them by performing on the built in mini keyboard (obviously).

However, I’d like to continue in live recording mode and play a new phrase to replace the original triggers… this mostly works but not quite. The resulting sequence sounds like about 90% of the new phrase and 10% of the original. It’s kind of like some triggers just don’t get replaced by the new performance, although when I was playing the new phrase it sounded exactly as I’d hope the resulting sequence to sound.

If I enter grid recording mode afterwards it kind of looks like trigless trigs might be part of this, but I haven’t placed any trigs manually, only via live recording mode.

I’m hoping this makes sense and there’s an easy work around.

Bonus question: My OT came with a huge spiral bound manual and the A4 only came with tiny getting started manual-- is this correct or am I actually missing a manual?


Due to the various micro timed moments between each step, the A4 isn’t that great with “overdubbing” in live record mode.
It’s one of those things that comes at a cost because such great features (micro timing, trigless trigs) supersede it.

You could try turning the quantization up all the way on the track and seeing if that locks your live notes into the 16th note grid, instead.

re: printed manuals, yes, A4 and AR’s “big” manuals don’t come in printed form with the unit. You can download the PDF from Elektron. That can be printed, or viewed digitally.


Thanks for the help!

In my prior experience with the OT usually the problem is just related to thinking about things in the incorrect way and there’s usually a different way to do this.

It seems like another way to think instead of “replacing” a live recorded phrase on the A4 would be switch patterns and start live recording the next phrase so it just sounds like I replaced the first phrase. Seems like I surely have to grab that big manual and spiral bind it myself haha. Thanks for the tip!

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Yea, I like the PDF manuals for answering specific questions, because I can just search for a keyword in a PDF viewer software.

But the bound manuals are best for “discovery”. So many features I didn’t know about where discovered by just thumbing through the printed manual.

my hunch is that if you record a new phrase it will only work 100% as per your assessment if you overlap ALL existing steps which are Trigs

e.g. - you do this on 1st pass


‘Overdubbed/replaced’ with this on 2nd pass


actually gives you this


i.e. you don’t erase unless you are recording in


Wow I wasn’t aware this forum provided such awesome visualization thank you that image and description explains the situation perfectly. I think my original suspicion was that the notes held “over” the original triggers would replace but it’s pretty tricky, Precisely on point “overlap ALL”. :smiley: :thumbsup: