A4 looped/mixed by kp3

Here is 50 minutes of a4 + reverb + kp3


my goal is to record more often and to record continually (no pressing stop on the machines) in order to learn to deal with the problems that come. first time with the kp3 so some learning going on.

feedback welcome - don’t spare my tender heart - tell me what needs fixed so i can make better music.

these are patterns i made in january and are unorganized. i can’t cue with this setup so some selections don’t really match too well.


liking the textures… do you record loops in the KP3?

sorry jus noticed you did on soundcloud :joy:

yeah, this was my first test of using the kp3 as a looper. i had ignored the whole looper side thinking it would be a pain to make perfect loops. I was very wrong. It is pretty much effortless. Start something going on the a4, press sample, fade in the sample, fade out the input (a4) then pick a new pattern on the a4 to mix in, fade up a4, repeat. a lot of fun.

when i made this i could not cue so i mix in lots of crap patterns by mistake. just realized i could put headphones into the a4 to cue as well. the kp3 was playing over speakers.

Something I was considering when configuring my setup was using a low cost a/b switch for mixer less cueing.

Something like this: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=748807&gclid=CjwKEAiArdG1BRCLvs_q-IObwxMSJACXbLtzkIPO65KZNbNKcZemAn7RYBvfNKRDTxTmYjg_YpwLFxoC3nDw_wcB&is=REG&ap=y&m=Y&A=details&Q=
Just feed 1/4" to 1/8" TRS cables from the A4 headphone output, and the KP3’s headphone output… both into the Sescom.
With headphones plugged into the Sescom output.

nice! i had considered running the a4 mono into the kaoss pad then mapping a performance knob to all tracks pan. left side would be my cue and right the input to the kp.

of course i have no idea why i find this punishment interesting. could just as easily run into into the mixer setting right by this setup. some joy in a minimal setup i suppose.

There are some nice sounds there! I like it when you just hit REC and let the music flow.

Can’t wait to listen.

No kidding, I am working on the same thing. Live sampling to the kp3 from the a4 to build additional rhythms on the fly.