A4/ Microbrute CV Sequencing/Scale help

Hi everyone, big fan first time poster.

I’ve been checking out topics regarding the A4 CV Sequencer but something isn’t right, I figure I should just break down parameters and see what y’all can make from it. DISCLAIMER: I am a cv newbie.

I am using two elektron audio cv split cable kits. I am attempting to control (at least) pitch and gate on a Microbrute using a/b cv out (I’ll figure out C/D once I get the basics down). I have a general idea of Tip/ring, but I’m not sure the difference when it comes to using the splitting kit, or what is better for gate vs volt/octave. I am getting a consistent sound (I got the gate right!) but no pitch. I am hearing minor differences when switching the voltage type to trig, gate, etc.

CV out a-
Polarity v-trig
Level 5. v

CV B (this is where it becomes a mess)
Pitch V/oct
Note 1 C2 (?)
Voltage 1 0. (also i can only change it by .001, how do I change values quicker?)
Note 2 C0
volt 2 0

I guess im really not understanding:
A. if using tip/ring matters for pitch or gate (or if i am even using the elektron splitter correctly)
B. What “Note 1, Note 2” and the voltage units actually mean when sequencing up a pattern. I want to make sure I have the right settings to do basic pitch.

could you use “trig” in place of gate as a volume envelope or will gate just activate the amp on the microbrute. I have a feeling it’s the latter but i swear i hear subtle differences using trig instead of gate.

I know it’s a little sporadic so let me know if I can clarify in any way. I am excited to get it right!

Your pitch CV is messed up. You need to tell the A4 what voltage to send for the intended note. Since the Microbrute (and all Eurorack) is using the 1V/Oct standard, this means you should set Note 1 and Note 2 to 1V and one octave apart.

Pitch V/Oct :white_check_mark:
Note 1 C0 :arrow_left:
Voltage 1 0. :arrow_left:
Note 2 C1 :arrow_left:
Voltage 2 1. :arrow_left:

You can experiment with changing the Note 1&2 further up, but always keep them 1 octave apart. It depends on what pitch range you wanna have where on the MB keyboard (hard to explain, easy to understand once you have the gear in front of you).

You should also know this it might be necessary to tune the MB so that it actually plays a C when you press a C on the A4. This is easier to do by using the tuning knob in the back of the MB, than fiddling with the A4 settings.

(I never had any trouble with my MB, but people have said that it doesn’t track so well over large pitch ranges. So don’t get tangled up in the A4 settings. Rather settle for a pitch range that is useful for your given project).

And - no… Tip or ring has no influence over this matter.


Thank you for the quick response! I will try this when i get home. I notice ring/tip diagrams in A/B, but this has no bearing on the Elektron CV Splitter (which has ring/tip inputs). Stupid question but how can I quickly change the voltage to 1? I have to start at .001 and it looks like it only moves up in those values. Also thank you for the extra tip on tuning.

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Push+turn on the encoders if you think they are moving in small increments.