A4 MK2 issue after firmware update 1.40a

Hi guys,since updating the A4 mk2 I’ve noticed that when "live recording"in a sequence, it’s not playing the same sequence I dialed in,it misses a step or two or nothing at all, especially pad sounds.ive had quantize on & off but still does it! I tried looking for the version it was on (1.35a) but can’t find it on elektron.se. help! Thanks

I’ve discovered the issue I was having with not being able to live record after updating the firmware to 1.40a…for some weird reason it had something to do with the track 1&2 output going into the digitakt inputs so I can sample (as intended)the A4 mk2,it’s never done this prior to the update from 1.35a but is doing it now,I’ve removed the leads from the A4 and am able to live record a sequence with no problems??? Has anyone else encountered this?or, know what it has something to do with? Thanks.Tony.