A4 - Moog "Emu" Patch

Yes, I know they are different machines and a Moog has a very specific sound due to they’re filter circuits.

Im trying to recreate some “static” Moog basselines. When I say “static” I mean a sound to be played as it is, without using much or any tweak while playing.

Im trying to recreate some Stevie Wonder kind of Moogish bass…
Has anyone achieved something convincent with the A4?

Links? Youtube videos? Patches?

Thanks everyone!

What Stevie song in particular are you looking for? I’ll take a stab at it.

Im trying to emulate something around:

My eyes dont cry (no more)

And something a bit different but still Moogish

Pyt - Michael Jackson


There’s a couple moogish basses in the new presets. I’m not near my A4 but I think they’re called Mogge, Mogge2, and Mogge3.

Here is a starting point for something close to what you are looking for:


Also as coreyappleby mentioned the “MOOGE” presets in the factory set are also good.

Thank you very much!
Just saw this today!!


Isn’t the A4 amazing for juicy bass?