A4 Muting Digitakt / MIDI Update

Hi everyone, I have a couple of quick questions, if anyone can help me i’d be really thankful.

After the 1.06 update, my digitakt started to get muted whenever I mute an A4 channel, I changed MUTE Destination in settings, which made that problem go away, but now I can’t use the global ‘green’ mutes in Digitakt. What am I doing wrong?

2nd. How can I update the Digitakt through MIDI because the whole digitakt usb thing is not working for me, I think mine’s faulty. (Not sure though, I still am to test it on another computer). Note that I have a sound interface that has MIDI out.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Connect the MIDI Out port of the audio interface to the MIDI In port of the Digitakt. In the MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG settings menu, set INPUT FROM to be “MIDI”.

Then you should be able to follow the instructions provided with the OS firmware file to send the file to the Digitakt via your audio interface.

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