A4 needs repair?

Just curious if anyone else has encountered these problems.

Often when i switch between kits, load up new sounds the sounds will be all gllitchy on me. So maybe the classic “square wave” sound will be drenched in reverb, or be all static sounding or glitchy. usually i have to relaod the kit, shut the A4 on and off or something like this to get the sounds back to normal.

Also sometimes when i switch between kits the kit will change however, the sounds will be the same as the old ones.

perhaps a fresh erase and install might fix the problem?

I had that problem before if I have a sound with infinite release.
After I installed the newest OS I feel like that kits change more often and have to be reloaded more often. I am not sure how to solve the problem.
When I play live I normally turn off all sounds when i switch between patterns so the problem doesn’t appear.