A4 OS1.35B Saved projects backwardly incompatible with previous OS

I downloaded the latest update. Installed it. Saved project. And then realized it is incompatible with the current Overbridge. Installed the previous version but Project won’t load (error) because I saved it on 1.35C. My mistake is that I oversaw the details, but the fact that if you save the project, you can’t use it in the earlier version, isn’t it a massive fiasco?
So frustrating!

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I guess it was all clearly stated in the txt files , release notes , zip files , forum comments.
I know it doesn’t help l but I’d hardly call it a massive fiasco unless it wasn’t indicated anywhere…

I didn’t look too deeply , I don’t have any critical things that I wasn’t prepared to lose

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I mean…it said it is incompatible with Overbridge 1.15…To be honest, I never knew which Overbridge is 1.15 or 1.05 or else. And I think this is the case with other people too.
The big problem for me is after I went back to the previous version, it is impossible for me to load the main project, because one finds out afterwards, that if you have saved a project on 1.35, it stops working in previous versions. And you get caught in a Catch 22 situation…

Many thanks Ortsa, I’ll give it a go.

Actually i think the overbridge side of things is what made me think it was mentioned as being an issue .

If you ignore overbridge , and just think of it being an os update and os backwards compatibility , I can’t recall seeing comments regarding project backwards compatibility on the device itself.

I guess in future , if anyone can’t deal with any loss , whether it’s on device , projects or ability to use overbridge , it’s probably best to not do anything and be very explicit with questions on the forum , I’m sure someone could help.

As mentioned , you might be lucky with sysex.
If it’s rytm , collider may help in some way (I cant recall what 1.35 was for , rytm/four ? )

It’s for A4 re5et.

“I guess in future, if anyone can’t deal with any loss”
I think this is a fundamental issue in our techno-dependant era. None can deal with a loss nowadays. And the lack of time deprives us of asking questions or researching every single time there is an update on anything. Too many updates, too little time. But there should always be offered the possibility of going back.
I fell victim to this and I believe I’m not the only one. I hope sysex works. Or Beta testing.

Yet another reason backing up your hardware is important…

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you know this doesn’t help much… nor it makes up for Elektron’s inept planning…but thanks…

the inept planning is actually yours as you either did not read or did not heed the warnings provided before you chose to upgrade. Nor did you backup your machine.
Software daws like Ableton even function this way, a project made in 10 cannot be opened with 9.
It’s easy to blame our mistakes on others, the harder part is accepting ones own part.

Hopefully, you are able to take the precautions to prevent this happening again in the future.

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‘Software daws like Ableton even function this way, a project made in 10 cannot be opened with 9.’
I’m talking here about a project made on 1.15 edited on 1.25 and then turned completely useless because the additional software provided by Elektron is incompatible. And by going back to the previous version, ‘Error’ comes up.
Do you see the mess up? It’s not that one updated version is incompatible with another. It is one version with another and with the additional software as well, but also turns a project useless, disabling you from downgrading. A whole lockup!
I don’t think you really want to understand, but thanks for the advice.

I’ve read this thread multiple times I don’t need you to rewrite anything. I understand what you stated, hence why I responded. It is quite important to backup. Sure doesn’t help you now but maybe in the future its an idea will help prevent you from having an issue like this again.

It’s specifically stated in the upgrades, this firmware changes the machine from being compatible with overbridge 1 and adds compatibility for overbridge 2. There was also a warning about not saving projects on with the new firmware if you plan to roll back. So you are not merely upgrading firmware. You are adding the changes needed for compatibility with the new software (this is my Ableton 9/10 comparison). This software was delayed because they rewrote the entire driver for overbridge. The fact that overbridge 1 didn’t remain compatible, it should be obvious that there are fundamental changes brought by the firmware. It’s not a fiasco because the company gave notification of these things, most especially for the compatibility loss.
No matter how you spin it, the fault it on you entirely for not taking proper precautions.
Ultimately, all you should have to do is sit tight for overbridge 2 and everything should work properly. Hopefully that comes soon, beta testers have been giving good news.

Here are the notes. It doesn’t say that the project will get errors if you try to downgrade or anything. The only warning is that it is incompatible with Overbridge. Over and out.

First page of the firmware release notes

Downgrading is not recommended as user data may be lost.

You have got to read everything dude.


What are you trying to prove? If you read everything, you will probably end up like these guys who have so much equipment but have made zero music. Do you also read the terms and conditions on facebook, google, every site you visit etc? This is what you do?
As I said I could have backed up and not have this problem but…
It’s early to see, but let’s see how many people will have the same problem. Because if one person falls into a trap, it’s fine. But if many get into the same position, then there is a problem.

Read your replies dude. I said something about backing up and you got out of sorts. All I was ever trying to point out was the importance of backing up.
Sorry YOU made a mistake that you can’t fix.

Also, I definitely read any sort of info that goes along with my equipment especially firmware upgrade notes. How you equate that to being someone who spends all their time reading social media TOS I’m not exactly sure. But hey if you need to be insulting, whatever.

Additionally, If you bothered to search the problem on the forum before complaining you will see that it has happened, not often, but there has already been discussion on this exact topic.

Not now or was I ever trying to prove anything.

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I’m glad you read carefully everything related to your equipment and you don’t get caught in a situation like this, And thanks for your meaningful contribution to the conversation.

This exhausted/exhausting thread is decidedly lacking this from every which way and is safest closed

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