A4 paint issue

hi elektronauts,

i have this little issue where the faceplate paint chops off. elektron service didnt want to take it back, but thomann (where i bought it from) said i might send it to them, they will check and if its an issue they will take it back as i still have some weeks of warrantee. as you can see, its really no big deal, just a little spot, but i am afraid the paint will go off more after some time and i will have no warrantee then. i dont take the unit out as often either, because im afraid of that.

what would you do - send it to thomann, go angry on elektron service, just keep it?

obviously not great, but it happens, if you like the unit make peace with the fact it may chip around the edges, nothing a bit of black permanent pen won’t hide, that’s what i do and i’m incredibly careful - no such issues with other black boxes though, if it’s a keeper it doesn’t really matter

Don’t know if you saw the A4 being sold in the classified section with black sharpie over the paint chips - it looks MUCH worse “touched up” with black marker. Pics @ http://imgur.com/a/qL7md

I would suggest finding a black matte touch-up paint, and testing it on the bottom first.

My Rytm has paint chipped off on a corner. It’s a bummer, sure, but I learn to live with it. Anything with steady use is going to show signs of wear.

ah… agreed - looks awful - i wouldn’t settle for that, my marks are just lots of tiny pin head flakes at the edge and it’s probably worst at the jack ins, but it suits me in tiny areas like that - at the end of the day - it shouldn’t flake so easy, but how to prove it didn’t get a bash, y’all have my sympathy

Thanks for your opinions. I trend to just keep the unit, but as this one and the AR are the only elektrons i purchased new, i want to keep them in the best shape so i can sell them if needed. I sold my MD/MnM several times and bought them back if i had the money or need for them. I guess with paintchopped A4, this will be Hard…