A4 Patch Creation Techniques

Good morning all.

I spent much of yesterday afternoon sat on my sofa waiting for the collection of a parcel in sending. Bored stiff, I brought my A4 MK2 down to the living room . . .

It’s been somewhat neglected recently; the Octatrack etc. have grabbed my creative juices more than the A4 and, as such, I’ve forgotten how creative the A4 can be.

However, yesterday lead me to mess with the performance macros and setup an array of mappings. I then created a simple pattern and experimented with different combinations of settings on the performance macros. Wow!

I found so many different combinations that I would never have dialed in individually. It turned out to be a great way to create loops that were sonically rich.

I’ve not really bothered with the macros in the past; the idea of then being for “performance” made me consider them something irrelevant to the way I work. Now I’ve a new way to start a session: create a basic patch and map the hell out of it then twiddle away.

Great fun.


Thanks for that perspective. Great tip.

I submit as Robin to your Batman:



You know, you can control the Perf Macros on the A4 from the OT, it’s pretty amazing.


Yeah, that’s what my yesterday turned into.

I’ve built a nice little collection of samples from it.