A4 Power Supply & Quality Control

Hi all, my brand new A4 just arrived… and it’s missing power supply brick (QC Issues in posts below)
Considering this is USA, I’ll have to wait till mid/end next week for the replacement which is a massive bummer.

***I edited the original image. Found this power supply from my external HD. Specs match… Not sure haha.

I wouldn’t risk frying your A4. Be patient and get the right power supply.

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Not sure Elektron can do anything about it besides investing more in QC.
Bought it from Sweetwater so I have to wait for their claims department to respond and then have it shipped unless they don’t believe my claim and ask me to ship the whole thing back. Heard similar stories lol.
Bumpy start with Elektron for me. A4 that I can’t use and preordered DT that seems to be a waterfall of bugs which makes me wonder if I should cancel and wait.
Great weekend start haha.

Maybe Sweetwater shipped you a previously returned A4 where the first buyer failed to put the power supply back in the box before returning.

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I thought about it.
But can’t find a single scratch or anything that would suggest it. Even the cords were looked like they were factory packed.

BUT… Quality Control again or somebody did mess with this unit??
Right side and center screws are not tight.

Send it back and buy from a different source.

I created a support ticket. Maybe there is a way to check if this machine was used.
I have 30 days to return it so I’m not really in a hurry or anything.
**I also edited first post as I found a power supply from my external HD that has same specs. I’m still holding what will Elektron say.

I had a similar experience with an Octatrack that had quite a few defects in the paint finish. I was disappointed that I couldn’t use it straight away, and it took about 2 weeks for the return and replacement to be sorted, but when you’re spending so much on a premium item you need to have no doubts about its quality.

Got a reply from Elektron, they will ship the PSU (+ a T-shirt) but it’s coming from Sweden so it will take a lifetime to get here. CS was very nice so no complaints in this department.
On the other hand I’m extremely disappointed with Sweetwater. They completely ignored this issue and only asked if I talked to Elektron about it.
I bought it from SW so they should be the ones fixing it and resolving with Elektron.
Hope it doesn’t get held at customs or something as I will return the A4 without even having a chance to try it. I don’t know if it even works so better not risk having a potential brick without the ability to return it.
And was advised not to use the PSU I have as it’s only AC. Better safe than sorry.

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Are you sure it’s coming from Sweeden? There is an LA department…

I believe so. Tracking is showing origin as Elektron Music Machines MAV AB Goteborg, SE.


It shows up fast enough, the Digitakt showed in less than a week. It doesn’t take a month to sail across the Atlantic anymore. Also, Sweetwater probably assumed correct in that it would be better for you to contact Elektron direct. Unless you were willing to return the whole unit it was probably much quicker to have Elektron ship direct to you

As far as I am aware they have the PSU in stock (SW) and it would take under 2 days to get it here from them. I reported the issue on Saturday so by any good customer service it should be here today. But as far as I can believe my tracking number it is still in Sweden.
Maybe I am used to the fact that if for example I buy a car then if any issues arise I go back to the dealership and don’t go directly to the manufacturer especially that for all I know, somebody at SW could have just taken the PSU since the box didn’t have any plastic wrap or sealing label on it.
I’m just venting obviously but it is frustrating.

For sure, and as much as I don’t care for Sweetwater they have a pretty good rep on the net and I am surprised they didn’t ship out a PSU. Either way Elektron got one shipped; the tracking from them is a bit goofy and it didn’t update for a day or two after it hit the shores of the US.

It’s probably down to paperwork and inventory, you could have demanded replacing the entire unit, but their psu’s would be a separate inventory item that then they would have to cover for somehow probably by talking to Elektron, so they figured it be easier for you to do it. I bet if you demanded they send one from there because you didn’t want to wait and you bought it from them, they probably would have with some pressure… Just some thoughts… Sorry you have to stare at an A4 paperweight for a minute…

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One a positive note the tracking got updated and estimated delivery for the PSU is set for Thursday.
2 day shipping from EU isn’t cheap even with all the discounts (we do a lot of that where I work) so , thank you Elektron.


Here’s some eastern noise for you while you wait… :slight_smile:

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Not discounting the fact that you expect good craftsmanship from an expensive item like an Elektron synth…I really don’t see a small issue like a single screw on one unit as cause for concern about Elektron’s quality control. Certainly not ideal for the OP, but common guys…I feel like this board has become mostly whining about Elektron products rather than celebrating them.

Prepare for shit storm in 3…2…1…

It’s not about a shirtstorm as you call it but a possibility that SW sent me a refurbished or returned or whatever unit.
I paid for something labelled as Brand New. When things don’t fit or are loose (not just one but 3 screws) then you should question unless you are ok with whatever you get.