A4 Presets


I’m Marius. Nice to meet y’all. :wink:

Updated my Analog 4 to V1.1. before the holidays, and have had major fun with it ever since. I’m however missing something that is likely to be really obvious here…

Under “Factory Sounds and Patterns” in the release notes, it is stated that there is “an extensive sound library consisting of 512 quality sounds”. When browsing the presets via either the sound manager or the sound browser, I can however only see 256 of these. Where can I find the second half of them?

I can’t find it now, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that you had to do a factory reset to get the other 256 presets. I have however done this, and am still unable to locate them.

Anyway, not a biggie but still slightly annoying. Any help would be highly appreciated!


Have you checked the +Drive and the Sound Pools?

You can change the +drive sound bank by pressing the step buttons when browsing sounds.

each bank has 256 sounds


That’s what I’d been missing. thanks!