A4 recipes?

Does anyone know of a post of recipes?
You know what i mean, osc settings, filt settings, amp settings… To make particular sounds.
Would be handy in getting to know how to get the most out of a4.
Not just blatant plagiarism, a learning tool.

I’d like to se that too. Since there is endless possibilities it would be nice with a guide to settings.

Maybe I should create a shared google spreadsheet that people here could fill in. One cell for each parameter and a set of columns for each effect? Or would that be too complicated for people to fill in?

I can recommend you a book: “Welsh´s synthesizer cookbook”
It´s not dedicated to A4 but more generalist. You can apply these recipes to (almost) any analog synth.
This book gives you some basic tricks for designing classic sounds. To go further you will need to experiment by yourself.


I made a spreadsheet just for fun, attaching an image, it would be a whole lot of values to fill in. Without making it totally complete there is already 80 cells per sound. If someone wants to put on the rtask to fill it in i’ll gladly share it !

I suggest you to copy the Sounds already on +Drive you like on a blank Bank Slot.

Then analyze those sounds and write down that recipe just for your memory.

Also you can modify a bit that patch in order to achieve a sound that fits better with your taste.

I am sure you will end having your cookbook :wink:

Cool! I could definitely fill that in at some point when I have a bit more time on my hands. I just glanced quickly but doesn’t the form miss page 2 of OSC 1 & OSC 2?

It probably miss those fields, i just made it up from memory, i,ll just fill that in and share it publically for everyone to fill in

So how many use presets? Initially thats all i used but now I just program them myself. Except drums mostly. I keep those as theyre mostly just noise anyway.

I seldom use presets. I tried them out and analized them the first day or two I had my A4, but truth me told, I paid more attention to performance setup in kit/pattern presets.

After having it for a month, I think I know how to create most of the sounds I need. Of course, I’ve been experimenting with a nice arturia minibrute for a couple months prior to getting the A4, so some synthesis experience was already well settled in my mind.

Here’s a trick that is easily overlooked, since it’s not so obvious. It’s not really possible to post exact settings, so it’s just a hint.

Basically, don’t forget to explore the interaction between track sequencers. For example:

  1. Create a unison sound on track 1 using poly 1 + 3 + 4
  • leave ‘2’ unchecked so that it’s free to use on track 2
  1. Record or program a sequence or arp on track 1
  2. Switch to track 2
  3. Turn off oscillator 1
  4. Set oscillator 2 to “Neighbour”
  • steps on track 2 will now “gate” the sound from track 1
  1. Now mess with the filters and filter modulation on both tracks

Using this technique it’s possible to “highlight” steps in the main sequence on track 1, via carefully programmed steps and filter settings on track 2.

Using the advanced mode timing with different length tracks will create interesting poly rhythms as the steps on track 2 interact with the output from track 1.

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Some interesting information at this site:

your tipps and tricks are so friggin useful!
Thank you very much and hats off for your effort!

That looks like a good read. Slotted into ibooks for bedtime study. :slight_smile:
Thats a bit more in depth than what i had expected but will give it a crack.
What have i got to loose?
Started to figure out the +drive thing because of you.
Up till now i have just been using A4 to fill in gaps.
I know how powerful it is but, ive been biding my time. Leaving it until i can give it full attention.
Hence my request on recipes. (Cheating, but not)
Thanks for the responses people.

this is A M A Z I N G !!! thanks for sharing! gooood job dude!

I never use the neighbour oscillator setting, proves I barely scratch the surface using it as a standard synth. Inspiring. Nice one.

There was post here quite a while a go describing how to make weird drone/blip/sci-fi type patches, using the feedback feature and neighbor tracks I think. I’ve looked all over the site for this post, but no luck. Does anyone remember this? or have any ideas?
As I remember Nedavine was involved some how, but I havn"t seen him around recently.

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I think Nedavine released a CD and is drowning in hot babes :stuck_out_tongue:

in google type:

site:www.elektronauts.com midi channel performance

to search this forum specifically

so you would type maybe

site:www.elektronauts.com drone + blib

may not work, i am no expert :stuck_out_tongue:

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Was it this thread?

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Yes Yes Yes that’s it!
Thanks so much for that, been driving me crazy
If you ever get to Bulgaria, i’ll buy you a few beers!!!