A4 + tubbutec utune _communication question_ MIDI CC?


Very new elektronaut here, and also a newbie to using more advanced midi capacities.

I have scanned the manuals of both pieces of equipment in question but i think i am in a bit over my head and am hoping someone here can help me out.

What i am trying to do is use my eurorack to generate some complex control voltages and have them interact with certain parameters of the A4.

But what i cant seem to ascertain is whether the tubbutec utune is capable of controlling the parameters i would like.

From what i can understand, the utune can send cc controls but the numbers on the chart are only listed as 0-7 for CV to MIDI CC.

What I would like to control are some of the deeper parameters on the A4 such as the Feedback on the Delay for example. This parameter however does not have a CC number, only an NRPN designation.

I thought to work around this I would assign the parameter to a performance enabled encoder knob.

However only knob A and B have CC numbers that fall within the 0-7 number range of the tubbutec utune, CC MSB 3 and 4 respectively.

Does that mean that via the utune I only have the option of controlling two parameters only?
Or am i missing some critical piece of understanding.

tubbutec website (user manual is at bottom of the page)

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

I am also considering using the Befaco CV Thing to handle this task, or perhaps the Expert Sleepers Disting EX, but the tubbutec is my main contender because of its quantization and microtonality capacities.


p.s. i know the A4 has two CV ins that i can use, but i want more gosh darnit!!

Welcome to the forum!

The manual for the uTune that I saw also shows that the unit’s Gate inputs can somehow generate CC messages 8 to 15, which would also give you some rudimentary control of performance parameters C, D, and E.

The Analog Four has so many parameters that not all can fit into the 120 available CC messages, so NRPNs are used for the less-commonly controlled parameters.

You could use an intermediate MIDI processing device to convert the CCs output by the uTune to the preferred CC or NRPN messages to which the AF responds.

The workaround of course is to sequence the Analog Four’s sounds and effects using its powerful internal sequencer.

I expect you are already aware that each performance macro can control five parameters at once.


Yes i did see the gate option but I don’t know how useful that would be either.

I certainly still intend to use the A4’s internal sequencer without a doubt, but i want my eurorack creating generative type voltages for constant evolution and for hands free melodic generation.

You see the nature of my project is to be performed live, and all while I am playing live acoustic drums along side the A4 and the eurorack. The whole concept (which i first did totally in eurorack but now i wish to take further) is to create an analog and digital system that plays along side me as a drummer, and as i improvise to what the system plays, the system changes and reacts, thus making me change what i play and thereby creating a feedback system between me and the machines.

In short, while the sequencer is running, my drums are generating voltages via piezo mic, which are then sent to the eurorack which changes them, and routs them through an aleatoric matrix i have set up and then output to effects modules as well as to onboard effects and parameters on the A4.

Thats why its critical that I am able to send as much cv directly or as MIDI signal to the A4.

this was my first attempt at this concept with relative success.

So i guess really this means that i will need another module to handle midi cc and nprn better than the utune can if i want to do what i want to do.

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… or that CV-MIDI conversion to send messages to an external standalone instrument is not the ideal way to realize your project?

hahaha one might consider that but i certainly am not going to give up that quickly. there are always work arounds, this just means that i get to be a bit more of a pioneer than i thought.