A4MKII no sound in Overbridge (Win10) standalone App but with ARMKII and Ableton

Hello A4 experts,

I’ve got a strange issue with my new A4MKII (OS 1.51) in combination with OB standalone APP:

ARMKII (OS 1.61b) works flawlessly in combination with OB and Ableton Live 11

However my new A4MKII works only in Ableton. Using the OB App I get no sound though I see moving levels in the OB Control Panel. A4 is in Overbridge Mode.

Because my AR works I think I’ve got no wrong sound settings in Win 10.

Any ideas to solve that or did I find a OB bug? The A4 settings seem to be equal to the AR ones.


Obviously Overbridge uses different sets of options :thinking:: The output of my AR was right, however the output of the A4 was wrong.