Ableton 11 trouble

Hi there,
I try to explain this in english.
I want to use my Syntakt and other Synths (with the Keystep Pro the others) in Ableton 11 Standart.
I dont exactly how to configure the Syntakt unfortunately. I want everything on channel 10 so far. Then make scenes in Ableton on a single ‘rack’. Should be possible?
When I mske a scene yet, everything is going to play, the Keystep and the Syntakt. Cannot seperate them. The Keystep is on Channel 4, but it doesnt show me anything on a channel from Syntakt. I know a few guys had that problem but I cannot figure it out.

Are you using Overbridge? Dave Mech’s set of videos on getting OB set up with the Digitakt is still valid and should be generally applicable to the Syntakt.


Ok, I will take a great look for this. But actually do not want to use it via OB, instead via Audio/Midi. But if it works it doesn’t matter. Thank you so far!

No worries. If you don’t want to use Overbridge then you will need to make sure you understand the all the Midi Config settings of the Syntakt so that they are set up the way that you need, and make sure that Ableton is configured to output Midi Track and Sync to the Syntakt.

Ok sounds good. But what exactly is to configure, Midi, in Syntakt then? Too many options…

To help you with the configuration, it would be useful for me to better understand how you want to use Ableton and Syntakt together. Can you explain a bit more?

The manual should contain all the info that you need, in section 14.4. It isn’t very intuitive, so you will need some patience :slight_smile:

Can I ask why you don’t want to use OB?

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Ok with OB its louder also a little why not. Thought to stay bit more analog perheps but there is the same problem. There ist Syntakt shown in a single Channel, but it plays everything plucked into usb and keystep blinks on ch. 4 only.

Hey Xos, welcome to the forum! Did you get your question(s) answered?

No unfortunately not…

But nice answers still

I will take look for the videos later…

Ok it works better. It also shows me every track from Syntakt. But why ist everything playing, when I want to record something only via Syntakt. Same with Keystep. I actually want to make variable scenes once with Keystep Synth and with Syntakt. Then choose one an combine. Possible?

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Ok I have recorded some audio scenes but always picking one playing all other instruments, too.

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sorry for that hope i get not banned. still the problems every hatdware gets playes when playing a scene… oje oje