Ableton as Midi master

Hi there! I am currenntly running Ableton sending MIDI as máster. The MIDI is being sent to the soundcard and from there is split to feed the akai rythm wolf. I would like to also use one of the midi tracks on the digitakt to sequence a Boss dr660. The boss is taking the MIDI tempo but It doesnt seem I can write notes from the Digitakt to the boss. My MIDI setup go from the soundcard to the akai, from the akai to the Digitakt and from the digitakt to the boss. Am I missing something?
So far so Happy with the Digitakt, amazing tool!

Midiclock like E-RM midicklock+
Computer generated clocks are bad

He’s asking about how to set it up. He’s not talking about clock issues.

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I don’t know the boss dr660, so am not sure what the issue may be.

Have you checked the midi spec of the boss mate? What channels it receives midi notes on etc.

Hi guys, its sorted now :slight_smile: l was conecting MIDI trough from the Digitakt to the Boss dr660. Swaping It from MIDI trough yo MIDI out sorts the problem. So Happy now and able to sequence the dr660 from track 9 from Digitakt…more stuff to come.

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