Ableton audio into octatrack

OT MK2 arrives in the morning.

Clearly, there’s going to be lots of things to learn in the initial wks and months, and I’m looking forward to that.

One thing I am having a brain fart about, is how best to get audio from Ableton/vsts into the OT.

My soundcard is a focusrite scarlet 18/6.

The 6 relates to the outputs available,however they’re a bit misleading.

I have 1&2 outs going to my monitors, which is pretty standard.

Then the next physical out is the headphone out. (3/4)

After that, the other outs (5/6) are via S/PDIF - which is useless to me as I don’t have the extra kit to make use of those I/O (honestly not even sure what I would need to access them as that world is foreign to me)

Ok if you’re still with me…

Any suggestions on how to workaround the limitations, so I can pipe audio from Ableton, into the OTMK2?

Are we thinking a mixer as the simplest solution? (Trying to avoid this as I am on a minimising kit and real estate trip at the mo)

Could I somehow split the monitor feed?

I am resigned to just sending audio from Ableton to the OT card via usb, which would obviously work but wouldn’t see me taking advantage of the live sampling stuff.

Any ideas greatfuly received as always.


Are you using your headphone outputs?
If they’re accessible separately in a daw as out 3/4, my first idea would be to use those into the OT with a TRS to two TS splitter cable…


I’m using the headphone outs for headphones currently,and I don’t think they can be routed.

I’ve asked focusrite about this before and I’m sure they pretty much said I was stuffed, unless I ants to upgrade to the 18/20, which has the two headphone outs.

I will look into this though mate.

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You could send the Focusrite 1&2 outputs into one pair of the OT’s inputs and feed the OT’s outputs direct to your monitors.
If you don’t use a Thru maschine the audio input from Live will stay pretty much unchanged.


Yep that’s a solution to avoid connecting / disconnecting :wink:

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Oh ok- that sounds like something I should look into. I guess won’t know what I will need in terms of machines/tracks etc till I start to really get into

Thanks for the suggestion.

Damn. I was thinking this was going to be the answer.

Any cheap,small suggestions?

I checked the manual for that and it does seem you can select the software output channels that route to the headphone outputs in the routing section of the mix control software. You could set it to hpL: 3 and hpR: 4 and that way your main ableton audio goes out the monitor outputs and you could indepentantly send things to OT on 3/4… But you can’t plug in your headphones… :slight_smile:

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Cool- thanks for checking, that’s really good to know.
Yeah, I need the headphones unfortunately - until my little one is older anyway!

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Well you could use headphones on your octatrack

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Without it in front of me, it’s difficult to visualise what I can and can’t do, so excuse anything that’s obvious that I’m missing!

And with that- oh yeah, that makes sense!

So effectively I’d be using it as both a mixer and the OT?

If you have a mac you could get tricky with it and create an “aggregate device” in audio/midi setup that includes your Scarlett and the mac’s built in headphone out, then you could create another monitor buss in ableton that sends audio to the macs headphone outputs… :slight_smile:

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Yeah so the octatrack has headphone out, for ‘cue’ and you can use the cue in a few different types of configurations, so you could go headphones -> Octa input (AB or CD) -> cue out to headphones, for quieter times… then sample anything you hear off the computer in realtime… seems like a good setup.

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Haha typical- I use a pc!

The guys below appears to have found an elegant solution by the looks of it

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So I’d be able to use the headphones whilst sampling from the pc?

Yes, that would work in that configuration, you’d hear the output from the octatrack, you could even just use 1 and 2 outputs instead of 3 and 4, but I think it’d be much more flexible to set up your headphone output to be 3 and 4 then set up a return channel in ableton to sample from…

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Thank you so much for this.

Seems straightforward enough and with a send to sample from Ableton I’ll be laughing!

I would go to this :

or this :

You said cheap ok ? :slight_smile:

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Lovely job mate. I’ve also spied a Mackie on here, so if I can’t get it via the octatrack itself (as suggested) I’ll grab a cheap little mixer and be done!

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The OT can feed incoming audio directly to its outputs without having to use any of the 8 audio tracks (or any machines).
The only thing to note is that if you set track 8 as the master track all incoming audio will feed through track 8 (which is generally what you would want anyway).