Ableton Live 11

Oh, the scales feature is actually really nice - especially since I have just recently sold my Push 2.

16 Macros! Macro Presets! People have been asking for this for years. Scales look awesome too. Dunno if it’s a buy for me tho… recently shelled out for 10 also…,

I just want Ableton to remember my sound card when I open my laptop each time!


Really nice upgrade!

I bought Ableton 10 Suite in the end of March 2020. Technically I was in the trial version for months after that as they extended the trial period because of covid.

Too bad I apparently bought the paid version too early, as I now have to pay for the upgrade again…

Anyway: I’m new to Ableton’s upgrades/pricing system. Would it be best for me to buy the upgrade now with the 20% discount, or wait for some other discount or whatever?

If you’re going to get it anyway, now is the time

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Like a year haha. For me it’s recently, thought these licenses lasted like a few years (live 9&8)

Yeah. Feel the same, my live 10 is not even a year old.

Ah, yeah, it’s a good point. I didn’t realise that the time from 10->11 was so much shorter. I paid £183 for upgrading from to 10 in Feb 2018.

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Okay, changing my mind. ELPHNT got me like always …

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I remember that too :wink:

Couldn’t agree more, I had hope for some proper granular sampler for exemple (I still love that Robert Henke one btw).

Price isn’t too bad yeah, just unexpected…

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Interesting! The new rack snapshot feature is great, I developed a workaround to do the same in my livesets but this will make things a lot easier. Still I miss to see some improvements on the general workflow. The handling in arrangement mode is still a mess, afaik it is not possible to select and move all blue clips without moving the green one. Little things like that made me concider going back to Cubase or try Bitwig.


I second that!

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Wonder if the new Roli announces will have anything to do with Ableton

Comping is a huge deal oh wow, Im not that great a singer and as it is recording vocals in live is painful. Im still on live 9 but i might take the plunge on this.

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Any rumour on what their two new things might be?

I used to own a seaboard (notice they’re all out of stock…) and it was a right pain in the tits to use with Live. Very happy to see MPE fully embedded now.

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Longtime Live user here and I gotta say the way Bitwig merges the session and arrangement views into one is amazing – I’m actually surprised they didn’t copy it here in v11, but it would take a lot of work and possibly starting over from scratch. Also, since finding The Grid in Bitwig, I’m not going back to Live unless something truly astonishing comes from the Ableton boys and girls.


Really glad for some of the new features, though hard to imagine how the likes of scale (in particular) and random weren’t incorporated in this way generations ago

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Yes MPE is huge for me!



Revealed over the next couple weeks

Black friday is comming soon, just a tip. I will wait for that and see what they offer.

Never seen them offer more than 20% off, I don’t think