Ableton Live 11

Thanks for the tip. So when is black friday? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think its the last weekend in November. Google it to be sure.

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Okay, does someone know what they usually offer on black friday?

I went back through my emails and they offered me 25% off upgrading from Live 9 around Black Friday 2019. Also, it’s worth noting that this was for upgrading Suite.

However, I’m not sure they’ll do the same this year when they’re already offering 20% off and a free upgrade to Live 11 when it’s released.


Oups ! My bad I was wrong. Please delete my post :pray:

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Thanks for taking your time craig! I really appreciate it! Yeah 5% more is not much so it seems that this is a good offer.

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Really?! Source?

Edit: nvm

I was wrong, I’m sorry :pray:

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No worries bud, we’re all human.

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Disappointing to have to fork out again so soon. Some great features but I remember 9.5 being a pretty feature-packed free upgrade so having no 10.5 this time around is disappointing. Wasn’t even a 10.2… Just forked out on a Typhon so will have to wait for an upgrade sale next year.


I would write Ableton explaining your situation, they are usually very fair regarding upgrade and recent purchases.

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But then only a year later live 12 will drop :joy:

If they’ve fixed the crashes with OB when using more than 3 devices, I’m in.

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I know what you mean. I guess they figured people would pay it - people seem quite excited about the release on the whole. Bitwig charge 159 EUR a year for their upgrade plan so I guess maybe they thought there was room to have paid upgrades more regualrly…

Macro variations look very cool. If we could interpolate between macro variations, Ableton would finally start reaching Octatrack territory :smile:


Could that be achievable in Max?

I really dig the “Lane” recording. Can’t believe it had not been done yet, as it’s something Reaper was doing (although maybe with a less elegant UI).

I also like the “OP-1 tombola” like device ^^

Might be time for me to get a second hand Push 2…

Velocity probability is a good one…

These have me way more interested than last iterations!


Big Live fan here, was quietly anticipating a nice fat 10.5 release like we got with 9 but I guess this will have to do. I’m a big fan of a lot of the upgrades, especially MPE and probability. I was sending MIDI from my A4 into Ableton to bring trig probability into a wider environment so I’m glad to see them make that leap.

Curious to see that two of the proposed M4L devices look like they “inspired” by other popular VSTs. “Emit” looks a lot like Izotope’s IRIS 2 and “Tree Tone” like Sonic Charge’s Synplant. It’s a interesting direction and while I’m sure they’ll sound different I cant help but think it’s a curious choice from them.

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Upgrade purchased! Excited for the new workflow features. Exactly what I was wishing for. Probability, comping, advanced follow actions, scales in clips, etc. Very nice. Wish there were a couple new instruments, but honestly, I don’t even know what else is needed. Maybe something like an all-in-one drum synth instrument, as opposed to the max4live individual ones?

Would love to see some additional devices in the Push family perhaps. Smaller Push? A mixer with solid faders, 3-4 knobs for sends, and a cross-fader?


Contact them, they gave me a free upgrade when that happened with Live 9 to 10