Ableton Live and Digitone Sync Question

I have digitone connected to USB cable, and sending MIDI through MiDI out to TR8s, INPUT/OUTPUT set to MIDI+USB
Everything is working fine, it is synching and sending clock to TR8s, but the pattern in the Digitone sequencer is not playing from the beginning when I press stop in Live and Play again.

It plays from where it left off. Can the digitone play from the beginning of the sequencer pattern each time the Play button is pressed in Live?

Edit: I have just noticed that when I play from Bar 1 in LIve, the digitone sequencer plays from the beginning of the pattern. But any other position in the project, the Digitone plays from where it left off. Please help.

Try double-pressing STOP on the DN.

Reduced Latency When Monitoring in Live’s Options Menu.

In Ableton’s Preferences make sure Sync is on for Elektron Digitone in the Link/MIDI menu.

Hm, I am not sure what happened, both TR8s and Digitone are playing where the patterns left off, it is out of whack. Except when I play from bar 1 in Ableton Live, the both machines reset and play the patterns from the beginning.
It worked before, the patterns were playing from the beginning from anywhere in the project, but I am not sure what I did in the settings to mess this up…

Could be in midi settings menu In ableton the DN and TR8s :Out
could be set to song instead of pattern ?


Not sure where to find this feature…

Edit: Yes, MIDI out was set on song, I have set it on pattern and now it is working. Whew. This is working now, thank you!!!


In preferences midi settings, look where it says digitone out open the dropdown menu where you adjust the latency and it will say either song or pattern… make sure it says pattern


Thanks, cheers!

You saved my life bro

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