Ableton Live + Rytm Set ups?

Hi all!

I’m a big fan of the RYTM, and I’ve written an albums worth of material slowly being released this year. Yay!

My live set up (pictured below) was my main set up last year, and was great though a touch back breaking.

I used song mode extensively to arrange all the tracks and clocked the Blackbox to launch extra clips, samples, and sequence the Typhon.
I loved it but it was limiting in some ways especially with width, polyphonic stuff… etc. I could push Blackbox further, but I felt I was essentially using it like Ableton Live, but a somewhat less useful version…

Recently I have been wanting to integrate Ableton Live in clip view to add other textures/sounds/songs. I’ve probably now wasted far too much time on working out how the feck to sync everything in a way that works for me, and thought I’d ask for help…

I started by trying to clock Live to my Rytm, with program changes from the Rytm triggering scene changes in Live. This turned out to be a nightmare for several reasons - Love’s clock would be very unstable, and program changes needed to be delayed (I made a max patch for this) to sync up, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t (with my method).

I then tried clocking the Rytm to Live, which is much tighter, very little drifting. I tried using Elektron Pattern Clips to sequence the patterns on the Rytm but this didn’t seem to work (possibly a Live 11 problem). This, if I can make it work, seems like a sensible solution, but I just can’t work it out.

Am I missing another way of doing things? I’d like to be able to use Live as a mixer/FX unit and sample/clip player that syncs perfectly with the Rytm with the tracks ive already arranged, with a simple way of adding other layers and playing other tracks and clips…



your setup really reminds me of Robin Kampschoer, just wanted to suggest posting your question on Knob Twiddlers Hangout discord, I think he is involved there and might give some tips…

I think this is the updated link:

Ah cheers!