Ableton + OB + Digitakt + External Synth

Hello everyone,

I searched the web for an answer, but no luck so far. I decided to seek for help. I apologize in advance if this was already asked or it is too obvious.

I am using Ableton and my digitakt as sound card and sequencer thanks to Overbridge.
I set up Ableton to record the audio channel of the digitakt and I can record and send midi from and to the sample tracks of Digitakt. Everything works pretty well.

My problem is the following: I am using an external hardware synth, slaved to one of the midi tracks of the Digitakt. While I play the tracks, I perform midi CC on the midi track, as for instance the cutoff of the synthetizer.
I would like to record in Ableton the CC changes of the midi channels and be able to send them to the external synthetizer through the Digitakt, in order to play back the track the way I played.

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ok, I solved it. My problem was the encoder destination in the digitakt. I set it to int+ext and now I can record the midi CC using the external instrument plug-in in ableton. After I recorder the changes, I set the plug-in to “No-input” and I assign it to the channel where my external hardware is.