Ableton stuck in midi control of Analog Four

I am not sure if this issue has been addressed many times. I am having a problem. My Analog Four is stuck under the control of Ableton’s live 10 Midi link. I have disabled everything on Ableton’s “Link Midi” under preference. In the Analog Four port config settings, I have put all midi connections under “INT” only. My A4 is connected via USB to my PC. Even if I put my Focusrite as the sound driver my A4 is still being controlled by Ableton. It’s kind of spooky. The only thing that disconnects the midi control over the A4 is if I turn off the A4 VST plug-in. All I am trying to do is record each track separately.

So this is how I have it atm. I disconnected everything, including my Octotrack to try to figure out where the issue is coming from.

Analog Four connected to my PC via USB and connected to my mixer via TRS cables. My mixer is connected to my Audio Interface via TRS cables. My Audio interface is connected to my PC via USB.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ableton link is sync over wifi and not anything to do with syncing the AF
The sync is controlled by the analog four vst plugin, if you look at the top of the plugin you have the options to change the transport/sync settings

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Ableton link is sync over wifi? I’m so confused lol. So is it possible my internet could effect the production?

No lol, links meant for connecting to apps or other ableton link devices.

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Now I get it, thank you. I am such a noob. I made the mistake of buying 12 different analog music production equipment and did not consider the learning curve. Not to mention I still do not fully understand Ableton.

Thanks for the help.

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