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Normally I’m a rebel and like to bend the rules. However, in this case I rather listen to the guys and gals at Elektron but my setup is doing exactly the opposite of their recommendation. Can someone explain why they recommend to:

“Use the audio out from the plugin. When using the plugin, do not take audio directly from your audio interface to your DAW.”

I have the individual outs of my Analog Four and Rytm connected to my Antelope Orion 32+ interface but use the Overbridge plugin for synching Clock + Transport. Anyone else with the same setup and why is this a big no-no according to Elektron? MIDI sync through MIDI In was giving me issues and I noticed Overbridge is quite tight, that’s why I use the plugin. Also, I like the sound of my Orion 32+ and that’s the reason I use my interface. Could try sync without Overbridge and over USB but I do like the interface and the features that come with OB.

I found a lot of talk about Overbridge vs Analog convertors but not much about my question :slight_smile:

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It’s a recommendation and the way they will support its usage. If you use it in different way and run into trouble, they can’t provide the same support. That’s what that message is saying. Your use case is absolutely fine and you don’t have to worry about it. Just make sure you’re not monitoring from both at the same time as that’ll cause doubling but that’s obvious :slight_smile:

The message also states to connect USB when a device is off. I never do that hehe.

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Just a guess but my assumption with both the audio and the external MIDI would be that it’s something to do with latency and the way the plugin attempts to compensate for it?

Maybe I’m overthinking it though.

Wow yea - I suspect 0% of people do that :sweat_smile:


When using automation etc. You’ll probably notice latency with that workflow yeah. Let’s say when going from an open filter to closed filter at the start of a new bar. The audio recorded through the Orion will probably be a bit late. Easily solved by setting a negative track delay though :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I wanted to hear to boost my confidence. Thanks!

Track delay makes sense too indeed but so far I haven’t really felt the need for it. Can’t say from the top of my head how much latency I have with Antelope Orion but it isn’t really an issue for me (yet)

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I always turn it off before plugging the usb to the computer, so I’m the only one? :sweat_smile: